Azure Blob Storage

When you create a segment in Customer Data Platform (CDP) Actions, you can send the output to a Microsoft Azure location. You can add new MS Azure locations and also change the parameters of the existing output connectors.



External documentation

Create a new connector

To add a new Azure connector, send a request to support or ask your CDP Customer Success Manager with the following information:

  • Connector name (e.g. “Demo Azure Storage Connector”)
  • azure.connection.string - the connection string that was fetched from the Azure portal above
  • - folder within the Azure container, can be a path, e.g. folder1/ folder2/folder3
  • - Azure container name

Update the parameters to an existing connector

There are some parameters that you can change by sending a request to support. Be aware that the changes will apply to all files exported to that connector going forward.

Parameter Values Description Date format (e.g. yyyy-MM-dd) Date format that is appended to the end of the file name

Date format (e.g. yyyy-MM-dd)

Default: epoch timestamp

Datetime format that is used when the output columns are dates (e.g. First Transaction Date)

Time zones

Default: UTC

Timezone to be used for output columns are dates (e.g. First Transaction Date).

PGP public key

Default: none

Public encryption key if the output file should be encrypted