Allowlisting IP addresses

To access SFTP storage locations in CDP, your IP must be on Acquia’s allowlist. While trying to establish connection, if you encounter errors such as Network timeouts, you must try to connect from an allowlisted IP address. To allowlist your IP address, contact Acquia Support. However, before raising the request, ensure that you fulfill the criteria listed in the following section:


  • IP address is public:

    Public IP addresses can be accessed from outside the network whereas private IP addresses cannot be accessed from outside the network. You must ensure that your IP address is public and not private. To locate your public IP, access What is my public IP?.

    Acquia cannot allowlist a private IP address. The following is the range of private IP addresses: - - -
  • IP address is static:

    Do an Internet lookup about the IP address to ensure that the address is not dynamic. By default, Acquia does not allowlist a dynamic IP address because the IP can change dynamically and the allowlisting becomes invalid.

    To check the nature of your IP address:

    1. Access Look up IP Address Location.
    2. Enter your IP address and click Get IP Details.
    3. Check the value for the Assignment parameter.
  • Unblocking SFTP access

    Check your Firewall or VPN settings to ensure that they do not block SFTP access. To verify if the issue is related to your SFTP client, you can test connections by using other SFTP clients. For more information on the public SFTP servers, see Free Public SFTP Servers.

  • Informing Acquia about allowlisted but unused IP addresses:

    If you were using a legacy IP address to access the SFTP storage and want to use a different IP address now, ensure that you inform Acquia about the old allowlisted IP address.