Facebook - Offline Conversions



Facebook can calculate a more accurate return on ad spend (i.e. return on marketing investment) for Facebook Ads if you upload offline (i.e. physical, retail) events to Facebook.

This connector uploads a feed of customer and offline transactions from Customer Data Platform (CDP) to Facebook. CDP uses a scheduled template report to incrementally push offline event data to Facebook’s Offline Conversions API. Uploads will be performed in batches to a single event set in Facebook. Facebook then uses each customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) to match each offline transaction to a user account in Facebook. For large datasets this process can take 24-48 hours because it takes significant time for Facebook to match the uploaded customer PII to individuals in their identity graph.


  1. Do the prerequisites listed by Facebook here:

  2. Ask CDP for the latest CDP’s Partner ID to use

  3. Setup the Business Manager Partner Access

    (you may already have done this step for Facebook - Custom Audience)

    By enabling the Partner Access, CDP will be able to connect to your Business Manager (BM) accounts without having to share your username and password.

    1. Go to Users > Partners and click on Add
    2. Provide CDP’s Partner ID then click Next
    3. Click Ad Accounts
    4. Check the box next to the Ad Account you wish to assign to CDP
    5. Select Ad account advertiser as role
    6. Click Assign Assets
    7. Inform CDP and share with us your Ad Account Id and name
  4. Aside from Ad Account asset, you need to select also the specific Offline Event Set asset via “Offline Event Sets” asset type and provide enough permission to manage by CDP.

    1. Go to Users > Partners and click on Add
    2. Provide CDP’s Partner Id then click Next
    3. Click Ad Accounts and Offline Event Sets (for offline event set)
    4. Check the box next to the (Ad Account / Offline Event Set) you wish to assign to CDP
    5. Select the desired asset permission you want to set (Standard Access or Admin Access) you want to set as role
    6. Click Save Changes
    7. Inform CDP and send the Ad Account Id and name
  5. CDP will set up the daily export of the files to Facebook

  6. In Facebook Business Manager,

    1. Click Business Manager (in the upper left) then select “Events Manager → Offline Events”


    2. Inside Events Managers, 2nd dropdown list from right, Select “Offline Event Sets” to view all the event sets available.

      In specific event set, you can also get the actual event set id (“Offline Event Set ID”).

      If there is none, you can create new Event Set by clicking “Add Data Source → Offline Event Set” and just follow the instructions.


    3. To view the data uploaded via a successful Template Report, click specific event set id and it will show the page where you can view the history of all the uploaded events.


    4. Once the template report has executed a few times please review in the Facebook account the upload Diagnostics critical errors and warnings for the CDP event set. Review with your CDP contact if there are any changes necessary to the data, template report, and or execution schedule.