ESP is an acronym for Email Service Provider. CDP has pre-built connectors for the following ESPs:

All of the standard ESP input connectors allow CDP to pull:

  • The full contact list with the latest main subscription status from the master list

  • The daily send/open/click events


    the presence and amount of historical data depends on each ESP

All of the standard ESP output connectors allow CDP to:

  • Push audiences of contacts already existing in the ESP

  • Include customer fields in the audience content (e.g. Name, Closest Store, likelihood to buy)

  • Include dynamic product content (e.g. abandoned cart product image URL, name, price)

What the standard ESP connectors do not encompass:

  • SMS execution systems

  • Pulling multiple contact lists

  • Pulling multiple subscription statuses to different lists

  • Pulling custom contact fields from outside the master list

  • Pulling historical email data beyond each ESP’s data retention policy or beyond CDP’s data retention policy

  • Creating new contacts in the ESP

  • Modifying the subscription status in the ESP

  • Pushing transaction or event details from CDP to the ESP (however, you can push customer summaries such as total transaction count, revenue segment, last web visit date or email open count in the last 30 days)

  • Reusing existing ETL set up between the client and the ESP

CDP will only retain the recent email events (send, open, click). Please refer to the data retention policy for emails from the Services Agreement.