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Make sure to read the article Email

Input data

Customer Data Platform (CDP) will pull:

  • Your full master contact list with the latest main subscription status CDP cannot pull any additional contact fields (e.g. First Name, Last Name)
  • Send/open/click/bounce/subscription/unsubscription events
    • Daily: yes
    • Historical load: by default the last 30 days of data will be pulled. This is adjustable, but Bronto’s data retention policy limits historical data to 365 days.

The AgilOne DNE flag (Do Not Email) is set up based on the Bronto Status values, as follows:

Bronto Status AgilOne DNE
Active N
Onboarding N
Other statuses (unsub, transactional, unconfirmed, bounce) Y
N/a U

Output data

CDP can create and update contact fields in Bronto (CDP cannot add new contacts in Bronto. The contacts first need to exist in Bronto for CDP to update their properties).


CDP can create new lists in Bronto (with pre-defined naming rules)



  • Allowlist CDP’s IPs

    Go to Home, Settings, Network Access and click on Add New IP / Address Range


    Enter the following IPs:

    StartingIP Address / Ending IP Address:

    StartingIP Address / Ending IP Address: /

  • Verify how many fields are still available in your account.

    There is a limit in the number of fields allowed for each account. If you’ve reached that limit, pushing new content from CDP will not work. You can contact your Bronto account manager to increase this limit or recycle fields you don’t use anymore. We recommend having ~50 available fields (if you are planning on setting campaigns like the abandoned cart campaign).

  • Generate and provide CDP with a new API access token

    Click on Home and choose Settings.


    Click on Data Exchange on the left, then choose Add Access Token on the right.


    For API Token Name, choose an unequivocal name (we strongly suggest CDP).


    Make sure the 4 checkboxes (Read/Write/Send/Active) are checked. Click on Save.


    Copy the newly created API Access Token and share it with your Implementation Consultant.