ESP - IBM Watson Campaign Automation (fka Silverpop)



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This ESP was formerly known as Silverpop


  • Database: List of all subscribers representing one logical view
  • Queries: List of all subscribers representing a subset of a database
  • Contact List: List of all subscribers representing a subset of a database
  • Custom Fields: List of fields/attributes that Customer Data Platform (CDP) pushed to ESP other than the email address
  • Relational Table: Type of destination list that stores data pushed by CDP
  • Destination List: List structure representing data pushed by CDP


CDP will pull

  • Your full master contact list with the latest main subscription status

    CDP does not pull or take into account suppression lists. The Subscription flag from the contact list has to be up-to-date. List must use Email as a primary key otherwise different recipients with same email id will be randomly selected (and merged).

  • Send/open/click/bounce/subscription/unsubscription events

    • Daily: yes
    • Historical load: past 6 months of events


CDP does not update records in the Silverpop contact databases, we push the audiences and content to Relational Tables.

IBM Watson campaign automation has some limitations in terms of the maximum number of relational tables, of rows across relational tables, etc… For instance: they support only 10M rows across all RT in one account, and they support 10 RT at most per account. You should check with your IBM account manager regarding your current capacity.


  1. Provide CDP with a Silverpop Engage account with Org Admin rights
  2. Provide CDP with the FTP details and credentials (username, password)
  3. Provide CDP with an API user (username, password)
  4. Provide CDP with the list id(s) used in IBM/Silverpop for Database IDs and Contact lists (e.g 233201)
  5. Verify that you have enough capacity left to accommodate for new relational tables
  6. Allowlist CDP’s IP (To be confirmed with your Implementation Consultant)