ESP - Salesforce Marketing Cloud

ESP - Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Make sure to read the article Email

This email provider was formerly known as ExactTarget.

Input data

Customer Data Platform (CDP) will pull:

  • Your full master contact list with the latest main subscription status
  • Send/open/click/bounce/subscription/unsubscription events
    • Daily: yes
    • Historical load: past 3 months of events

CDP used to have an integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s legacy ExactTarget SOAP API. However, this SOAP API only functions with the Classic tools in Marketing Cloud and does not scale well for high volume. Henceforth, for new clients that need to extract data from Salesforce to CDP, we are requiring the client to configure SFMC Automation Studio to schedule Tracking Extracts of the necessary data to an sFTP.

Output data

CDP pushes audience and content to Data Extensions. You can have multiple Data Extensions (e.g. one for the abandoned cart campaign, one for the abandoned browse campaign). The connector adds data to an existing data extension by doing “Add & Update”, aka Upsert. This means that within one data extension, all data for a given record gets overwritten with the latest data.


Here is an example of pushing different campaigns to a same data extension with different fields. You can see that when CAMPAIGN_ID changes, the fields populated changed as well because the second campaign pushed a different content to the same data extension.



  • Provide CDP with the FTP details and credentials

  • Have Automation Studio enabled

  • Provide CDP with a UI user, so that Support/CDP Services can connect to it for troubleshooting

  • Provide CDP with an API user

    • notification email address = <clientname>

    • username = <clientname>agiloneapiuser

    • timezone = GMT

    • Culture code = English

    • User permissions:

      • administrative data management
      • grant the user access to the web services
      • manage data extension data and retention policy
    • Marketing Cloud Permissions and Roles

      Applications for user: Email + Automation Studio

      Marketing Cloud roles for user: Marketing Cloud Administrator

    • This API user should have the rights to retrieve, data extract, create data extensions, perform push of data to data extensions

  • Setup the file extract:

  1. Use SFMC Journey Builder > Automation Studio to schedule Data Extracts. Here is how it should be configured:

    SFMC 4

  2. Data ExtractActivities > Create Activity > Data Extract

    SFMC 5


    SFMC 6

    Select: Subscibers, SendJobs, Bounces, Clicks, Conversions, NotSent, Opens, Sent, Unsubs, Attributes

    SFMC 7

  3. File Transfer (configuration documentation)

    SFMC 8

    SFMC 9

    SFMC 10

  4. Overview > New Automation

    SFMC 11

    Workflow: drag and drop and then select the Data Extract and File Transfer activities created earlier

    SFMC 12

    SFMC 13

    SFMC 14

    Repeat for daily incremental extracts.