Acquia CDP

Dashboard Builder

With dashboards, you can place multiple tables or graphs on one page to get a view of related content. By organizing visualizations onto dashboards, you can combine tables and charts in useful layouts.

To create a dashboard:

  1. At the top-right of the Metrics page, click New > New Dashboard.

  2. In Enter the name of the Dashboard, enter the name and click OK.

    The system displays a new blank dashboard page.


Each element in a dashboard is called a tile. The following are the types of tiles:

Tile type


Look-linked tile

You can add the saved looks to dashboards. These tiles are linked to a look and the dashboard displays the changes to the look. The look and the dashboard must be in the same space. If the look is deleted, the dashboard displays an error for this tile. A look-linked tile is suitable for creating, changing, and testing a query in one place and using it in multiple dashboards.

Query tile

You can create a look from scratch and save it as a tile in the dashboard. These tiles are not linked anywhere and the changes only reflect within the dashboard. You can convert a look-linked tile into a query tile using the Gear icon at the top of the Look screen. It breaks the connection so that the tile is unaffected by any later changes to that look. The query tile still exists independently on the dashboard even if the look is deleted.

Text tile

You can use text tiles to add headers and text to your dashboards. You can use them to make visual sections on a dashboard or add descriptions as needed.

Adding tiles to a dashboard

Add tiles to start building your dashboard. To add a tile to a new dashboard:

  1. Click Edit Dashboard to enable the Edit mode for the dashboard.

  2. Click Add Tile.

    You can add the following:

    • Visualization

    • Text

  3. Choose an explore from the available options.

    The system displays the Edit Tile screen.

  4. Select data by adding dimensions and measures to the report.

  5. Configure the visualization.

  6. In Title, add a title.

  7. Click Save.

Adding a look to a dashboard

  1. Open a look that is saved in the space.

  2. Click the gear icon at the top right corner of the page.

  3. Click Save to Dashboard to save as a query tile to the existing dashboard.

    You can also do one of the following:

    • Click New Dashboard to create a new dashboard.

    • Click Add Look to Dashboard to save the look to an existing dashboard. This option is not available if the look and the dashboard are in different spaces.

Adding a text tile

  1. Open an existing dashboard or create a new dashboard.

  2. Click Edit Dashboard.

  3. Click Add Tile > Text.

  1. Enter an appropriate value in each of the fields, and click Save.

Copying a dashboard

You can copy an existing dashboard to any folder other than the source folder where it is currently present.

To copy a dashboard:

  1. Click Analytics > Metrics.

  2. Open any folder under Spaces.

    The system displays a list of looks and dashboards.

  3. To copy a dashboard, click the three dots icon for that dashboard.

  4. Click Copy.

    The system displays the list of destination folders.

  5. Select the destination folder and click OK.

    Wait for a few seconds for completion of the process.

    CDP displays the Dashboard copied message.

  6. Verify the copied dashboard in the destination folder.