Acquia CDP

Password policy

Password expiration

The password for your CDP account expires every 90 days. If you reset or change your password within 90 days, your current password is no longer valid and the new password is valid for 90 days from the date you set it.

Resetting the password

  1. Go to the password reset URL:

  2. Enter your email address and click RESET PASSWORD.

    After few minutes, the system sends you the password reset email with the subject, “CDP | Password Reset Request”. If you do not see the email in your inbox, check your spam folder.

  3. Open the email.


    The system displays the password reset link.

  5. Click the link and enter your new password twice, adhering to the password creation rules.


  7. On the website, click Go back to login.

    The system displays:

  8. Log in to CDP using the new password.

Password creation rules

Your must comply to the following rules while creating your password:

  • Password length must be at least eight characters long

  • Contain at least one upper case letter

  • Contain at least one lower case letter

  • Contain at least one number

  • Contain at least one special character from the following: $,@,#,!,%,*,?,&

Troubleshooting password reset issues

For more information about troubleshooting CDP password reset issues, see Troubleshooting common Customer Data Platform password reset issues.


Why am I locked out?

Your account is locked if you enter an incorrect password too many times within a given time frame. You cannot reset your password once the account is locked. To get your account unlocked, contact Acquia Support.