Acquia CDP


Customer Data Platform (CDP) displays the list of users having access to an instance. A user with the administrator privileges in the instance can view all such users and their details.

To view the user details:

  1. Log in to the CDP user interface with admin privileges.
  2. Click Settings > Users.

    CDP displays the list of users with detailed information.

You can view the following information about the users:

  • Name: The name of the user.
  • Email: The email ID associated with the user.
  • User Created In: The base tenant where the user account was created.
  • Last Login Date: The last login date of the user.
  • Roles: The roles associated with the user.


You can view all types of users, including the users with disabled accounts.

User access requests

To add a user to CDP, contact Acquia Support. You must have the following details in the Support ticket:

  • First name of the user
  • Last name of the user
  • Access to CDP components
  • IQ requested
  • Security gatekeeper’s approval for this request
  • Account or Tenant name

    This is applicable only if you have multiple tenants in CDP.

Sample request

Create a new account in CDP for the following user:

  • J Smith
  • Full Access
  • No IQ access
  • The security gatekeeper has approved this request and is .cc’d.

CDP components

For a user, you can enable Full access or granular access to specific components. With Full access, a user gets:

  • Write access to Campaigns and Metrics
  • Access to 360 Profiles

The following are the CDP components and their access rights:

CampaignsSpecify Full or Read-only access to be granted to the user. A user with Read-only access cannot edit or save campaigns.
MetricsBy default, grant Full access to the user.
360 Profiles
UIAdminGrant Read-only access to the CDP user account list in the hub. This is only for security gatekeepers.
Data ErasureUse this for compliance-related data erasure requests
Client IntegrationUse this for Downstream data from CDP maintenance. Grant Full or Read-only access.
ML StudioTo add ML Studio to your subscription, contact your CDP CVM. For more information, see ML Studio.

Security gatekeeper

If your request is not initiated by your appointed security gatekeeper, Acquia Support adds the security gatekeeper to the .cc of your Support ticket and asks them to approve the ticket.

Interactive Query access

Interactive Query is an additional cost subscription feature.