Acquia CDP

Using 360 Profiles for data erasure requests

Creating a data erasure request for a single customer

You can create data erasure requests to delete one or more identities of your customers.

To delete customer identities:

  1. Sign in to the CDP user interface.

  2. In the navigation pane, click 360 Profiles.

  3. Search for a specific customer profile by using filters.

    Based on your search criteria, CDP displays the results at the bottom of the page.

  4. Select a specific customer from the search results.

  5. Click the Identities tab.

    CDP displays a card for each source system containing the customer, including details of the customer’s profile.

  6. To delete an identity, click Delete Multiple.

  7. In Date of Customer Request, select the date when your customer requested for deletion of data.

    Note that you cannot select a date older than one month.

  8. In Reason, do one of the following:

    • Select GDPR Compliance.

    • Select Other and specify the reason.

  9. In Review Identities, select the customer identities that you want to delete.


    If a customer profile has a single identity, you cannot clear the selection of that identity. In other words, you cannot create a data erasure request without any identity.

  10. Click Submit Request to initiate the data erasure process.

    After you submit the request, CDP displays a message with a request ID, the number of identities that are registered for deletion, and the number of profiles that are skipped. Identities are skipped if they are submitted earlier.

  11. Access the status page to view the request in the Pending status.

    After all the records are deleted, the status is updated to Completed. The system removes all customer records from all data stores.