Acquia CDP

Requesting a new token for data erasure

To make a data erasure request, you must authenticate with CDP. CDP generates an authentication token through which you can establish a connection between your client and the CDP server. For more information, see Data erasure.

You can leverage the following POST endpoint to generate the authentication token:


For more information, see Requesting a new token. However, you cannot use the token generated through the POST call in Requesting a new token to make data erasure requests.

If you do not use Acquia Single Sign-On (SSO), you can use your username:password as the basic authentication by accessing Data Erasure Hub. To get access to Data Erasure Hub, contact Acquia Support.

If you use Acquia SSO, Acquia provisions an API-only user that has access to call the data erasure API. To provision this user, contact Acquia Support.

To retrieve the bearer token for an API account, you can call the API endpoint using the authentication credentials. The following is the URL to get the bearer token using your username:password as the basic authentication. For example, api6 and