Product Feed

Feed structure

Field Name Required ? Data type Referential integrity Description
SourceProductNumber (key) Required String TransactionItem:SourceProductNumber, Webtag:SourceProductNumber The unique identifier of the product in your data.
Name Recommended String   The product’s name.
Description Optional String   The product’s description.
ProductURL Recommended String   The full product URL of the product. If your SKU level product does not have a specific URL (for example, the specific size of your product does not have its own URL), then use the URL of its parent.
ImageURL Recommended String  

The full image URL of the product that links it to only the image and not the page where the image is.


If you send data to CDP, this field displays the image of the products that you have purchased through the Customer 360 transactions tab.

ParentProductNumber Recommended String Product:SourceProductNumber If this record is for a SKU that is a variation of a parent product (e.g. a shirt of a particular size/color) and shares a single web page with other children-SKU of the same parent, populate here the SourceProductNumber of the parent product.
SourceBrandNumber Recommended String   The identifier of the brand. This could either be the manufacturer’s brand or the store at which this product was sold.
BrandName Recommended String   The name of the brand. A SourceBrandNumber can only have one unique BrandName.
MSRP Optional Float   The product’s MSRP.
ListPrice Recommended Float   This is the price that you list on the website and show to your customers. This price may be included in any dynamic content (e.g. product recommendations) that contains price.
SalePrice Recommended Float   This is the price that includes any special, temporary discount you may have (e.g. holiday sale). If there are no sales going on, the SalePrice is equal to the ListPrice. This is the price that is shown by default in any dynamic content (e.g. product recommendations) that contains price.
SaleCondition Optional String   This is the sale condition of the product, e.g. “new”, “used” or “refurbished”.
Availability Required String   Only values allowed to consider the product available are : ‘in stock’, ‘available’,’available for order’,’preorder’. Anything else will lead to the product being considered unavailable for order (and therefore it won’t appear in recommendations, or in most campaigns content, like Abandoned Cart for instance).
AvailableQty Required Integer   The quantity of this product you currently have in stock.
RecoStatus Required String   A field to specify where you want those products excluded (if you need). Only values allowed are : “NEVER” if you want this product to never appear in any campaigns and recommendations, otherwise use “ALWAYS”.
Size Optional String   The size of the product
Color Optional String   The color of the product
SourceProductCategoryNumber Required String ProductCategory:SourceCategoryNumber (or leave empty if you use the ProductCategoryXRef feed) The Lowest level of category this product belongs to. If a product belongs to multiple categories, you should leave this field empty and provide a XRef data feed separately (detailed in the ProductCategoryXRef tab of this document).
DateCreated Optional Datetime   Date at which the record was created.
Custom attributes Optional Any (float, datetime, string, boolean)   Custom attributes that you want to use inside the Customer Data Platform (CDP) application. Note that this customization is not self-service, requires you to engage with your CDP CSM, and involves some deployment effort.

Managing parent/child products

You may want to use Parent Products when you have SKUs that are the same except for a given attribute (e.g. color/size). For instance, if you have different SKUs based on size for the product called “AwesomeLeggings”, you should provide CDP with a Parent Product so that we do not recommend the same product in different sizes. A simplified set of feeds would therefore look as follows :

Feed: Product

SourceProductNumber ProductName SourceProductCategoryNumber
AWSLG1 AwesomeLeggings  

Feed: ProductCategoryXRef

SourceProductNumber SourceCategoryNumber
AWSLG1 Leggings
AWSLG1 Best-sellers

Feed: ProductCategory