Acquia CDP

Getting started

This page provides information about the initial steps to use Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP). It helps you to understand the diverse responsibilities of CDP users, explore key features, and collaborate with various Acquia teams.

User groups and their responsibilities

CDP requires distinct responsibilities and activities to operate, regardless of the size of your team.

The following diagram depicts different user groups who work with CDP:

The following table describes the responsibilities of different user groups when they work with CDP:

User group

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Data Activation

Build targeted campaigns or segments of audiences to optimize marketing strategies.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Use analytics and reporting capabilities to gain insights into business performance and make data-driven decisions.

Data Science

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Explore data, build predictive models, and uncover valuable patterns and trends.

IT and Operation

Data Collection and Integration

Ensure smooth integration of CDP with the existing IT infrastructure and oversee day-to-day system operations.

Data Engineering

Data Unification and Enrichment

Plan, deploy, and maintain data models by ensuring data quality and integrity within CDP.

System Administration

Data Governance and User Settings

Control user access, security settings, and serve as a gatekeeper of CDP and the Support portal.

Governance and Compliance

Data Governance and User Settings

Certify that data and data management processes are in compliance with industry regulations and company policies.

As you use CDP, you understand data collection and data analysis, and adjust data collection and activation to get better results over time.

Working with Acquia teams

The following sections explain the role of various Acquia teams.

Certified partners

Acquia’s Partner Finder enables you to find a qualified partner that you can leverage to build new integrations, configure CDP, and develop vertical-specific strategies.

Acquia teams

The following are the Acquia teams that help you set up CDP:

  • Customer Experience: Serves as your primary point of contact for inquiries, concerns, and assistance. This team consists of adept professionals attuned to your business needs, devoted to delivering optimal experience.

  • Professional Services: Provides assistance to set up future enhancements. With their deep system expertise, they align implementations to your distinct requirements, ensuring seamless onboarding and heightened system value. For more information, see Professional Services Product Guide.

  • Support: Comprises knowledgeable specialists who swiftly address technical or operational challenges, ensuring smooth system usage. For more information, see Support.

CDP practice development

As your business partner, Acquia encourages you to invest in learning to improve your CDP skills and develop an internal Center of Excellence for CDP.

Contact your customer value manager (CVM) with your additional onboarding questions.