Acquia CDP

Custom Attributes API integration

Custom Attributes API integration enables you to use the CDP Studio's self-service tool to integrate data into specific fields in your data model. Each custom attribute has a designated field placeholder and is accessible only through a specific upstream naming path.


The following are the features of the custom attributes API integration:

  • Placeholder object: Use this feature to transfer values into the dedicated data model on a one-to-one basis.

  • Mapping: Use this feature to configure and control self-service mapping from your system data points to the CDP data model.

  • Payload: Use this feature to understand the structure and build your payload according to the guidelines and limits.

Use case

Enhance an existing connector by quickly integrating new data points into the data mode. This includes extending new fields to efficiently incorporate pass-through values.

User flow

The following diagram depicts the user flow:

Important considerations

The following are the challenges of introducing a new source system into the CDP data model:

  • Scheduling: You cannot configure scheduling within CDP.

  • Basic Transformation Logic: You cannot aggregate attributes or do basic transformations such as capitalization the first letter of values.

  • Advanced Transformation Logic: You cannot merge custom attributes into a complex summary transformation logic.

  • Using IRE: You cannot configure new Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) logic independently.

For any of these advanced requirements, contact Acquia Professional Services.