Acquia CDP

Custom Attributes SFTP integration

Application Interface Framework (AIF) has a standardized and pre-enabled SFTP connector that works seamlessly with your daily refresh cycle, eliminating the need for a separate scheduling. You can use pass-through values with a preset placeholder structure in the data model, making custom attributes available for immediate use.


The following are the features of the custom attributes SFTP integration:

  • Identity resolution: The feature uses exact email matching to merge parsed data with existing master customer profiles during daily workflows.

  • Data parsing: Customers can parse data into predefined custom attribute fields using the CSV file drop method.

  • File processing: The system processes comma-delimited CSV files with correctly named columns when placed in the CustomAttributes folder of a customer’s SFTP instance.

  • Data integration: New records are created in CDP after parsing.

Use case

Supplement data easily and safely by submitting CSV based data feeds with additional pass through parameters.

Important considerations

  • File format and naming: Feed files must be in the CSV format with a comma delimiter and adhere to a specific naming pattern.
  • Column header requirements: Column headers in the CSV file must exactly match CDP parameter names including case sensitivity. Enclose all column headers and data in double quotes.
  • Data handling: Data added through the CustomAttribute connector creates new records in CDP. To update existing records, contact the Acquia CDP team to adjust the configuration.
  • Identity resolution: The default setup uses an exact match Identity Resolution Rule by email or UUID to link new custom attribute records. If these rules are missing, contact the Acquia CDP team for alternate options.