Acquia CDP

Google Ads - Consent Compliance

This document helps you to comply with the Google Ads Consent Compliance by integrating Google Ads consent fields into CDP.

To update the campaigns affected by Google Ads Consent Compliance:

  1. Collect the Google Ads consent data.

    The data must be in compliance with the new EEA/EU law. This may involve obtaining consent from users or ensuring that the existing consent data is accurate and up-to-date.

  2. Share the data with your CDP team so that they can do the integration mapping by using one of the following ways:
    • SFTP Integration with Acquia Support: You can contact your dedicated Professional Services (PS) resource to establish a new SFTP integration. If you do not have a dedicated PS resource, contact Acquia Support to adjust an existing SFTP integration mapping or contact your customer value manager (CVM) for assistance.

      The following information is required for SFTP Integration:

      • Name of the feed where the data is included
      • Column headers in the feed used for this data

        On completion of the setup, Acquia maps the source columns from the customer feed with the corresponding columns in CDP.

    • API Integration self-service: To use the Acquia tracker API, contact Acquia Support or reach out to your CVM for integration mapping. The CDP team must assess and verify your data structure and payload before you can incrementally push data to the Acquia tracker API.

      The following information is required for API Integration:

      EntityColumnData Type


      "googleAdPersonalizationConsent": ""
  3. Continue to update and execute campaigns with new columns.
    For more information, see Executing a campaign.