Acquia CDP

Workato Klaviyo Connectors

Workato Klaviyo provides the following connectors:

Acquia Customer Data Platform accelerates onboarding and integrations to any endpoint with an integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS). iPaaS for Acquia CDP provides a powerful API platform capability. With this capability, the CDP team creates microservices to enable re-usability and decouple your systems. iPaaS for Acquia CDP provides secure access to data by selectively exposing data using APIs to control and govern access to data.

iPaaS for Acquia CDP has a usage policy of three million tasks per connection per year. A connection is defined as a one-way data flow. For example, third-party to CDP or CDP to third-party. A task is a unit of work that occurs every time a recipe performs an action that requires compute resources. Every time a recipe invokes an action provided by a connector counts as one task.

A recipe job may consist of multiple tasks. The number of tasks executed in a job depends on the data of the specific trigger event and the recipe logic.

Acquia will work with customers during implementation to ensure they adhere to task limits.