Viewing the status of Interactive Queries

CDP displays a table view where you can review the overall status of the last Interactive Queries (IQ) execution, job status, start time, end time, and configuration setting for the workflow of your tenant. This table view, called AI_Status, is created and auto-populated as part of your IQ workflow.


The columns available in the AI_Status table view are:

Column Description Data Type
Category The source category of the workflow. string
Source The source of the workflow. For example, interactive--queries. string
Type The trigger source of the workflow. For example, Scheduled, Cohort. string
Subtype The campaign ID that triggered the workflow, when Type is Cohort. string
Key The key attribute to be tracked for the last run workflow. string
Value The value of the attribute for the last run workflow. string
Data_Type The datatype of the value. string
Last_Modified The time when the value was captured and saved. timestamp

IQ users, including Snowflake data sharing users, can query the AI_Status table periodically to learn when new data is available in IQ. This information can be leveraged to schedule any downstream processes.

Key Description
status The status of the most recent IQ workflow execution. For example, SUCCESS or FAILED.
start_time The time when the workflow execution started.
end_time The time when the workflow execution ended.
configuration The workflow configuration settings in the JSON format.


The JSON value for the key configuration is an internal setting used for the ETL processes in the workflow.