Next Best Channel

The Next Best Channel model leverages the past web engagement behavior to predict the next best channel to maximize the chance of a successful engagement. The model predicts the first and second best channel to engage the customer.

Use cases

Channel engagement optimization

Identify the channels that customers are likely to engage with next, and tailor the marketing at the individual level accordingly. This helps avoid marketing fatigue for customers. In addition, marketers can prioritize quality over quantity.

Marketing spend optimization

Allocate the marketing budget efficiently by leveraging individual next channel predictions.

Understand customer browsing behavior

Analyze the channels that act as the driving force behind a conversion, and build campaigns based on that analysis. For example, customers might land on Google, check their email, and make a purchase. In this case, email is the first best channel and Google is the second best channel.

Target audience

The Next Best Channel model predicts the behavior of all buyers with identified (non-anonymous) web engagement behaviour in the last 365 days. The model does not include anonymous users (not tracked in the CDP) and non-buyers.

How does the model work?

For each contact, the model:

  • Uses the email and web browsing behaviour data that brings people onto the website, and the subsequent purchase behaviour. Typically, channels include marketing through emails, Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Leverages the data to learn about the transition patterns between different channels across all customers. The data shows each customer’s channel preferences.
  • Predicts the first and second next best channel to engage with the customer by combining the individual channel preferences with the transition patterns.

Sample dataset:

Individual Channel Timestamp
John Google 1
John Email 2
John Purchase 3
Nina Google 1
Nina Purchase 2

Sample output:

Individual Next best channel Second next best channel
John Email Google
Nina Google N/A

Using the Next Best Channel model

CDP displays the output from the Next Best Channel model in:

  • 360 > 360 Profiles
  • Actions > Campaigns and Actions > Campaigns+
  • Analytics > Metrics

To learn more about how the Next Best Channel model can enhance your marketing workflow, contact us.