Scheduling dashboards

Once your looks and dashboards are built in CDP, you can schedule and send them through email for further processing. You can view the related content as an email file attachment.

Configuring a schedule

To configure a schedule for looks or dashboards:

  1. Sign in to your CDP user interface, go to Analytics > Metrics, and select a dashboard.

  2. Click the Schedule Email Delivery icon at the top right corner of the look or dashboard.


    The system displays the Email Delivery pop-up window.


  3. In Email Subject, specify the subject for your email.


    The system prefixes the specified subject with CDP Metrics |.

  4. Specify the email addresses that should receive the email. Press Enter after each email address.


    Use all lowercase characters in the email addresses.

  5. To send a custom message, select the Custom Message check box and specify the body of the email.

  6. Select the file format of the dashboard attachment.

    The available options are PDF, PNG, CSV Zip.

  7. Select the delivery schedule.

    The delivery schedule lets you schedule the delivery every Day, Week, Month or Year at the specified time.

  8. In the Advanced Options section, select the format option and the page layout.

  9. To send a test email, click Send Test.

  10. To save the schedule, click Apply.


By default, CDP sets the timezone as the tenant timezone.