Acquia CDP

ML Studio

Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides a self-service platform called Machine Learning Studio (ML Studio). With ML Studio, you can create custom machine learning models and surface them in the CDP user interface. ML Studio simplifies data handling and analysis for data scientists. 

To use ML Studio, you must have proficiency in Python and SQL, and good knowledge of Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, and Jupyter IDE.


  • Customize models: Update your models regularly to align with customer behavior and market trends so that you can provide quick enhancements and add value.

  • Build new ML models: Stay ahead in the market by using the latest customer insights.

  • Discover unique insights: Uncover insights in the analytical notebook environment to promote innovation and make decisions based on data.

  • Integrate models and scores: Integrate models and scores within CDP to enhance Actions, Metrics, and 360 Profiles, thereby, enrich customer experience and make operations efficient.

  • Safeguard intellectual property: Provide security to your models with a secure storage and management system so that you have a valuable repository for the future of your business.


Data scientists can:

  • Directly access CDP and import data into Pandas DataFrames by using the Pandas' robust data processing features for machine learning.

  • Build and refine custom machine learning models to enhance them through iterative upgrades.

    This process ensures that the models are aligned with business goals and are responsive to emerging data insights.

  • Store the custom-trained models that are not currently in use for scoring.

    This process ensures the future access and reactivation of the models, and preserves the long-term value of the modeling efforts.

Scope for future enhancements

  • Standard model customization: Acquia does not support changes to predefined models such as LTB/LTC. Customers must explore other options or build custom models for specific objectives.

  • Language support: ML Studio supports Python and does not support R. Customers using R must transition to Python or seek workarounds.

To add ML Studio to your subscription, contact your CDP customer value manager (CVM). After ML Studio is added to your account, contact Acquia Support to request access to ML Studio. Specify the name and email address of each team member who requires access to ML Studio. For more information, see User access requests.