2017 Release notes - Customer Data Platform

1743 Release - 2017-10-26

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
360 Profiles AGO-9923, AGO-9842, AGO-9827, AGO-9811, AGO-9810, OPS-34855, OPS-34617 We improved the 360 Profiles UI to display information in a nicer, more organized fashion. You can see the same information in tabs and “cards” (under the Profile and Household tabs in particular). This new UI is even more modular, as it enables us to configure everything we need to support custom events, custom attributes on any standard entity, display images of the products that have been purchased, display Household-level information and members (this is turned off for most clients, please reach out to your CSM if you would like this functionality), etc… This new UI has been rolled-out and validated by each client during an “Early Adopter Program” (EAP) to ensure all tenant-specific configurations were working properly with the new layout. Note that from now on, the old 360 Profiles UI is considered deprecated and no existing nor new AgilOne tenant will get this deprecated UI.
Actions AGO-9726, AGO-9725, OPS-35681 In line with our recent 360 Profiles improvement to surface Household-level information, we have also added a new filter called “Belongs to a Household” in Actions (located under the “Household” folder in the filter list). This filter is a bit different from the existing ones : it enables you to select all customers that belong to a household that fulfills certain conditions. Those conditions are defined by you, using refinements on that filter (this filter doesn’t have any primary filtering value : it basically selects every customers unless you add refinements to filter on the household attributes, e.g. AOV of the entire household, Lifetime value of the entire household, etc…). For instance, you can now select customers who belong to a household where the (household) AOV is greater than “$500”. This is interesting when you want to target more broadly customers in certain households (e. g. low-spenders in a household of high-spenders could be an upsell opportunity).
Metrics, Reports AGO-9860 This is a security fix for emailable reports. Previously, users could actually send reports to recipients that were neither part of AgilOne nor had access to that specific tenant. This created a risk, in case a client’s employee emailed reports to personal addresses or other non-authorized recipients. This has been fixed : to be able to email a report to a recipient, that recipient needs to either be an AgilOne employee or have access to your tenant directly. Please request access to the tenant for those recipients if they do not have access already and should receive those reports. Please also note that we do not allow sending reports via email to any address on the following domains : Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook.
Metrics, Reports AGO-9788

A small UI fix to enable emailed reports to render properly on mobile devices. We now have validated support for the following email clients and devices :

  • iOS native mail app
  • iOS GMAIL app
  • iOS Chrome GMAIL
  • Android native mail app
  • Android GMAIL app
  • Android Chrome GMAIL
Actions AGO-9503 The History UI allowed users to see the status of historical data exports run by other users. This is an inconvenience and we made sure it doesn’t happen anymore.
Data Export AGO-9640 We now allow users to re-order the attributes they are sending via Data Export (via drag & drop within the list of attributes in the “Content” step). For reference, this order used to be the order in which the attributes had been added in the Content step, and this was inconvenient for most clients so we changed that.
Actions AGO-9779 We fixed a small bug that made the Actions filters “Revenue Decile” unusable. You can now enter any decile number (i.e. any integer between 1 and 10) and select your audience this way. The reason for the bug was a discrepancy between the UI (groups of deciles had to be selected) and the actual values in the backend (pure integers, without groupings).
Metrics, Cube Reports AGO-9791 The UI to select values for filters in Cube Reports has been improved : it now allows you to select the top-level of a hierarchical dimension (and it will select all sub-levels automatically for you) instead of having to select all sub-levels individually.
Metrics, Template Reports AGO-9793 You can now easily enter multiple values in Template Reports filter, via copy/paste. For instance, if you have a list of values in an excel file that you would like to filter the report on, simply click the “hamburger” icon next to the filter input field in AgilOne, then copy paste those values into the pop-up. Note that you should ensure that you have one value per line (commas and other characters will be considered part of the value you are trying to filter, so be careful), and up to 50 values.
Actions AGO-9818 The Actions filter “Purchased a number of products” had an issue where it was not taking the date/time filter into account. We corrected that and it now behaves as expected.
Platform, Bronto integration AGO-9872 We reduced the timeframe for our Bronto integration : the historical data pull will now backtrack 30 days from the date the integration is created by your IPM.

1741 Release - 2017-10-12

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
360 Profiles AGO-9674, AGO-9838 360 Profiles used to duplicate the first data elements of certain collections (addresses, transaction items) on certain tenants, instead of rendering each element separately. This was a bug in the way the UI rendered repeating child elements (the structure you can see on addresses in the Identities tab, or on the Transaction items in the Transactions tab). We fixed it and all elements are now rendered as expected.
360 Profiles, Householding AGO-9773, AGO-9557, AGO-9688 We added a new tab in 360 Profiles, to display the members of the household the current profile belongs to. This also shows a few key metrics for those member’s profile and you can click on each profile to open the 360 Profile of those members. Additionally, Household-level aggregated metrics are shown below, to help you understand how the Household (as a sum of its members) is behaving (e.g. AOV, Lifetime value, etc… across household members). Please reach out to your CSM if you would like this feature to be enabled for you (we typically review the logic to group mastercustomers into households with you first, to ensure it is what you expect it to be).
Metrics, Reports AGO-9750, AGO-9749, AGO-9550, AGO-9471, AGO-9359, AGO-9358, AGO-9357, AGO-9476, AGO-9475 You can now email yourself and your collaborators a visualization of Cube or Template Reports you created ! The feature can send an email with report details to multiple users on a schedule. This functionality can be accessed via the “Delivery” tab for Cube Reports or “Summary” step for Template Reports. Please reach out to your AgilOne CSM to enable this feature.
Platform, DQE AGO-8964, AGO-9741, AGO-9504, AGO-9438, AGO-9740, AGO-9742, AGO-9699, AGO-9698

We developed and recently released a way for our Implementation team to augment and configure the logic we use to pick the best attributes for mastercustomers (ie deduped records representing multiple “child records”), out of the attributes available in their child contact records. This is now available for the group of attributes below (the groups are designed to make sense and ensure consistency of information) . Please contact your IPM if you would like to discuss the logic with which those attributes are picked today (and whether you would like to change it).

  • Email attributes group : the following fields are picked together from the same child record which contains the best information (for those attributes at least), according to a configurable logic : EmailAddress, DoNotEmail (and the derecated Preferences field), EmailStatus.
  • Phone attributes group : the following fields are picked together from the same child record which contains the best information (for those attributes at least), according to a configurable logic : PrimaryPhone, SecondaryPhone, MobilePhone, DoNotCall.
  • Address attributes group : the following fields are picked together from the same child record which contains the best information (for those attributes at least), according to a configurable logic : Address1, Address2, Suite, Zip, ZipExt (the +4), City, State, Country, CountryCode, Certified, DPVConfirm, DoNotMail, NCOADateUpdate, MoveType, MoveDate.
  • Personal information attributes group : the following fields are picked together from the same child record which contains the best information (for those attributes at least), according to a configurable logic : FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, Gender, Title, Salutation, Age, BirthDate, BirthYear, BirthMonth, DoNotText.
360 Profiles AGO-9676 A batch of small improvements to clarify the new 360 Profiles UI.

1739 Release - 2017-09-28

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-9704 We updated the lookup on the filter AOV to be dynamic instead of static (like it used to be). This way, any configuration that was done on the AOV bucketization for your tenant will automatically be reflected there.
Actions AGO-9684

We improved the way to select the PrimaryPhone when we dedupe customers together. Now, it will pick, in order of priority (and in the case where there are multiple choices) :

  1. Non-null phone numbers…
  2. …that are not opted-out…
  3. …that are associated with the customer record that placed the most recent order…
  4. …that were updated the most recently.

Selecting all the phone records that match each rule, the algorithm will pick the latest survivor (the one that fit the best those rules, in the order presented above).

Platform AGO-9683 For clients that have a tenant configured to compute customer summaries by including only Demand/Cancel/Returned transaction items (for instance, or other similar configuration), we fixed an issue where some of the computations were not honoring the configuration (they were still computing only on Shipped/Returned items).
360 Profiles, Dashboards, Actions AGO-9680, AGO-9678, AGO-9490, AGO-9489, AGO-9465, AGO-9334 Small UI improvements.
Metrics, Cube reports AGO-9638 We added an option in the drop-down menu (on the reports listing page), called “Report Details” : this will show you all the measures, dimensions and filters used by your report without trying to load it (thus, saving a lot of time). It enables you to quickly find the report you were looking for.
Actions AGO-9609

We removed the Actions filters that were using “Days since” (full list below). They were actually redundant with other existing filters that offered more capabilities, and it was creating some confusion (and they were not being used either). The full list of filters that were removed (and their corresponding existing filter, or replacement) is the following :

  • Days since last order : please use Last Transaction Date instead (and use “in the last”, or “in the range of” as comparator if you want to enter a number of days, for instance)
  • Days since first order : please use First Transaction Date instead (and use “in the last”, or “in the range of” as comparator if you want to enter a number of days, for instance)
  • Days since last web login : please use Last Web Login Date instead (and use “in the last”, or “in the range of” as comparator if you want to enter a number of days, for instance)
  • Days since first web login : please use First Web Login Date instead (and use “in the last”, or “in the range of” as comparator if you want to enter a number of days, for instance)
Actions, Platform, NCOA AGO-9579

This applies only to clients that have NCOA enabled for their tenant (US and Canada only) We are now surfacing NCOA processing attributes as part of Actions filters (under the “Customer Summary” folder in Audience filters). This enables you to easily select all customers who have recently been processed through NCOA, and select only the ones who moved recently (for instance), or by move type as well. Here are the new filters, and their capabilities :

  • NCOADateUpdate : this is the date at which the record last went through NCOA processing. This is currently in a UNIX epoch format (e. g. “1507060487001”), but we will soon release a “human-readable” translation (e.g. YYYYMMDD format) of that filter.
  • MoveType : this is the type of move that was registered within the USPS NCOA database. The possible values are : I for Individual Match, F for Family Match, B for Business Name Match.
  • MoveDate : this is the date at which the move was registered with USPS in the NCOA database. This is in the format “YYYYMM”, e.g. “201401” is a move that was registered on January 2014 (the actual move could have happened earlier or later, the NCOA database cannot provide that information).
Actions AGO-9446 We retired an unused filter (“Transaction with total”). This filter was redundant with “Spent more than [amount] in a timeframe”. If you would like to leverage this new filter, please reach out to your AgilOne team and we will configure it for you.

1737 Release - 2017-09-15

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-8639 The filters “Placed first order” and “Placed last order” were not working correctly : they were looking at the first/last transactions of customers prior to deduping, instead of considering the master customer profile (ie after deduping). We had retired those filters while correcting this behavior, and we are slowly enabling those filters again for specific tenants (please contact our AgilOne CSM if you are looking to use those filters).
Actions AGO-9508, AGO-9249 Similar to the issue above, the content model for “Last Abandoned Products” was looking at the wrong granularity (checking individual customers, instead of looking at their aggregated mastercustomer profile after deduping). This has been fixed.
Actions AGO-9493 When selecting an audience for your campaign, the “IN” operator was not working when the values had single quotes in them. This bug was fixed, and everything is now working as expected.
Metrics, Dashboards AGO-9495 Selecting valid reports to add to your Dashboards became easier : the search UI now only displays reports that have run at least once (reports that have never run cannot be added to a Dashboard).
360 Profile AGO-9540 The 360 Profiles Journey search functionality was unable to retrieve results whenever multiple words were entered in the Event Type field. This is now working as expected.
Actions AGO-9627 We added a new functionality to Actions campaigns : now you can switch your campaign to another execution channel (e.g. change a SendGrid campaign to push to SFTP instead). This change i very interesting for cases like testing/reviewing the audience and content of your campaign before executing the “real” campaign : simply copy your future campaign, change the channel on the copy to point to the right execution channel (e.g. SFTP), execute the copy and review. To switch the channel, simply click on the “…” menu of your campaign in the campaign listing page, then select “Change channel (beta)”. This is a beta functionality, so you should be careful not to blindly execute a “real” campaign if you just changed its channel : in particular, always review the “Destination” step and the “Content” step to ensure that you are still sending the expected content to the right place (e.g. Facebook campaigns do not send content, and you also want to make sure the campaign goes to the right Ad Account before sending, etc…). If you encounter any issue with this functionality, please contact your AgilOne CSM and let her/him know your feedback.

1735 Release - 2017-09-01

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-8727 We fixed a bug where some products from the “Last Purchased Products” content model (in Actions > Content) had the same rank (aka “pitem__limit_count”) when they were extracted to an ESP. The new ranking will not have those duplicate ranks, allowing you to construct unique keys on this data in your ESP (to ensure you never send duplicated products in an email).
Platform, SFTP integration AGO-9405, AGO-9539 We now support timezones along with custom date formats. Please check with your AgilOne implementation team to see the details of the formats we don’t support (note : we support all standard formats already, so you should be covered in 99/9% of the cases).
Actions, SendGrid campaigns AGO-9417 We solved a UI issue in Actions (only applicable to SendGrid campaigns), where the “Track with GA” functionality didn’t respect the ON/OFF switch and was always ON. This is now working as expected.
Metrics AGO-9432 When switching a report from columns to rows in Metrics, you would get an extra empty column. This was a UI issue and has been fixed in this release.
ActMetricsions AGO-9551 We improved the cube reports UI and fixed a batch of smaller UI issues (in particular with sorting values in the reports).
Metrics AGO-9574, AGO-9469, AGO-9492 Whenever someone gives you a report ID (or dashboard ID), you can go directly to that report (or dashboard) by following the URL [host]/ report/[putReportIDHere] ([host]/dashboard/[putReportIDHere]). This is designed to make it easier to find & share reports across team members.
Metrics, Template Reports AGO-9622, AGO-9623, AGO-9211 While the functionality to export Template Reports to an SFTP was released in 1713, it didn’t allow you to specific the name of the file you wanted to get so far. This has been improved, and the application now allows to specify the file name, as well as append the date if this is a recurring report (and you want to avoid overwriting past files). In the “Destination” setup of your report, you will see that any new report will have the field “File name” populated with the name of the report by default. You can change that to any name you prefer (or leave it as is). Note that certain special characters are to be avoided (list provided in the UI), and you can include a full UNIX-style path starting from the root of the SFTP that your user has access to (using slash /, e.g. File name = “MyFolder/MySecondFolder/ExportedFileName”). The “Append date” checkbox is checked by default to automatically append the date and time of the extract to the file name every time that report runs, but feel free to uncheck it if not required. Note that if you or your team export (s) multiple reports (or the same report multiple times) with the same file name, the last one will overwrite any previous execution so the file will contain only the extract for that last report.
Actions AGO-8315 We added two new filters in Actions, called “Customers who spent certain mount in a timeframe” and “Customers who spent certain amount in a transaction”. Those filters are useful to select people based on the amount of revenue they spent, respectively within a specific timeframe (e.g. “spent more than $300 in the last 30 days…”), and within a single transaction (e.g. “spent more than $500 in a single transaction in the last 30 days…”). This was not possible before, and will allow selections of VIP customers more easily (for instance).
360 Profiles AGO-9173 Following the split of the “Preferences” field into DoNotEmail/DoNotCall/ DoNotText/DoNotMail (release 1731), we are now surfacing those fields instead in 360 Profiles (in the new UI, release 1733).
Metrics, Cube Reports AGO-9175 Following the split of the “Preferences” field into DoNotEmail/DoNotCall/ DoNotText/DoNotMail (release 1731), we are now surfacing those fields in their separate dimensions in Cube Reports within Metrics. This way, you can now report on the number of customers that you can contact via the various channels, giving you a more accurate view of the potential reach of your marketing campaigns in the future.
Platform, Google Analytics Integration AGO-9553 We changed the backtracking of our Google Analytics (GA) integration to pull the last 2 years of past data.

1733 Release - 2017-08-21

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
360 Profiles AGO-9318, AGO-9319, AGO-9317, AGO-9315, AGO-9279, AGO-9385, AGO-9449, AGO-9463, AGO-9499, AGO-9194, AGO-9217, AGO-9418, AGO-9184, AGO-9186, AGO-9187, AGO-9188, AGO-9189, AGO-9190, AGO-9191, AGO-9192 We are releasing a completely redesigned UI for 360 Profiles ! The new UI will not only make browsing & finding information quicker and more intuitive, it will also provide more specific data points about your customers (e.g. the number of transactions per sales channel, the type of events they experienced in their customer journey, etc…). Additionally, it will support more configurations use cases. We will roll this out to all clients in phases, and your AgilOne CSM will be in touch with you when we are ready to deploy it for your tenant.
Actions AGO-9157, AGO-9361, AGO-9371, AGO-9383, AGO-9095, AGO-8866 You can now get the audience and content that were sent to your ESP/ SendGrid for any successful extract of an Actions campaign ! The export functionality is available via the History UI : click on the “…” menu next to the campaign that you want to extract > select History > click on the arrow button next to the campaign execution that you want to extract > select an SFTP to use and enter a valid filename, then confirm. The list of recipients as well as the content that was included that specific execution of that campaign will then be extracted to that SFTP file location (it will take a few minutes to run for most campaigns, you can check the status by going back to the History UI and see what the status is for the extraction).
Actions AGO-9313 Creating Actions campaigns with multiple values in a filter got much easier : we added a way to copy/paste a list of values from elsewhere into the UI for filters that support the “IN” comparison (ie the ones that accept list of values). On such a filter, when using “IN”, you will see a new button to the right of the entry field. Clicking on that button will pop-up a small window where you can copy/paste values (one value per line, no commas/quotes between the values), up to 50 values per filter. As usual with the filters, the UI will not validate the values you enter in that field, so please be careful when copy/pasting values to make sure they are all correct.
Actions AGO-9305 We added lookups for 30+ Actions filters, to make it easier to select the proper values for your campaigns. If you feel like some filters would need a lookup, feel free to contact or your AgilOne implementation team.
Facebook Integration AGO-9049 We added retries to our Facebook integration, so that whenever the Facebook API returns errors, we now wait 10 min and retry sending the campaign. We will retry 10 times at most, after which the campaign will fail. This means that some campaigns will take more time, but will succeed instead of failing because of the Facebook API errors. Contact if you still encounter failures in your Facebook campaigns.
IBM Marketing Cloud Integration AGO-9414 The standard backtracking period for our IBM Marketing Cloud (fka Silverpop) PULL integration (to get all historical email events for your account) is now 6 months.

1731 Release - 2017-08-14

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Metrics AGO-8855 Metrics cube reports can be sorted, and now the sorting will be saved along with the report if you hit “save”.
Metrics, Dashboards AGO-9235 When on a dashboard, the application allows you to go to any of the reports that are displayed in the widgets, so you can edit them or dig deeper into each of those. This functionality was broken in our last release, so we fixed it.
Actions, SFTP Extracts AGO-9280 We now support spaces in folder and file names.
General AGO-9330 In the main navigation UI, we moved your username and tenant name under the ellipsis menu on the top right of the application. This has no impact on functionality, we just think it looks better that way.
Integrations AGO-9330 AgilOne now integrates with EuroMessage (ESP), to pull the email activity of your customers (sends, opens, clicks, bounces, etc…).
Actions AGO-9162, AGO-9362 We added a swath of lookups to our Actions filter, to make it easier to pick the right values. The list of filters that have been updated with this change is too long to list out here but you should notice the difference quickly !
Actions, Facebook integration AGO-9369 With some recent changes in the Facebook API’s authentication flow, we realized that newly created accounts (or accounts that had not yet linked their Ad Account with AgilOne) were not authorizing our integration. We fixed this, and the Faebook integration now works well with any account.
Machine Learning Models AGO-8969 We released a new version of our Likelihood to Buy model ! It will now produce more accurate results, and it will run faster than before.
Platform, Data feeds AGO-8944, AGO-9012, AGO-9168, AGO-9169

We made various improvements to the logic we used to pick the best attributes for mastercustomer records from each of their child records (from different source systems).

We also split the existing “Preferences” field into 4 different fields : DoNotEmail, DoNotCall, DoNotText, DoNotMail. Those represent the same type of “optin/optout” tracking for each customer, with the same allowed values, but splitting them makes it easier to manage complex use cases when merging records from different source systems. It also allows a much more granular control over how each customer’s preferences are surfaced at the mastercustomer level after deduping.

The documentation for the standard Customer feed has been updated to reflect this change. Along with that change, we are deprecating the “Preferences” field in the standard feed. However, you do not need to change your existing feeds, please review the feed documentation for more details.

Actions AGO-9204, AGO-9043 We made various optimizations to our query generation, so that Actions campaigns become much faster & require less resources to execute. This should ensure that both audience counts and campaigns run faster for you on a daily basis.

1729 Release - 2017-07-27

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Data Export AGO-7856 Data exports that were already exported successfully would fail if you tried to change the columns you want to export. This is now fixed and columns can be modified even after the data has been exported.
Data Export AGO-9199 Data Export can now export the ProductCategory (list of product categories) and ProductCategoryXRef (link between products and the product categories) entities from our platform.
Platform AGO-8577 Various improvements to the way we tie transactions to the data we receive from our Google Analytics integration.
Metrics, Actions, Platform AGO-9111,AGO-9213 Metrics and Actions used to fail when executing certain campaigns or reports in which a field contained single apostrophes (‘). The quotes are now properly encoded when passed from our backend to the applications, so the reports/campaigns won’t fail anymore.
Metrics AGO-9134, AGO-9301, AGO-8589 Various UI improvements for our template reports, so the reports look nicer and can be saved with the sorting/column dimensions that you setup.
Metrics, Template Reports AGO-9300 Template reports that were already run successfully would fail if you tried to change the columns you want to see. This is now fixed and columns can be modified even after the report has been run.
Metrics AGO-9193 Cube reports will now be saved with the latest sorting you picked. This way, you can open your reports in the future and they will display exactly what you wanted.
Metrics, Connect from Excel AGO-9172 When using “connect from excel”, the dimensions of the cube in Excel are now displaying their user-friendly name instead of our backend naming convention.
Actions AGO-9022 Campaigns used to be marked as failed if there was no audience for that execution (ie no customer matching the criteria for that campaign). This was creating a lot of false-negatives, making it look like the campaigns indeed failed even though they actually succeeded. This has been fixed : campaigns that extract 0 records but were successfully processed will be marked as successful (and you can see in the History for that campaign that 0 records were extracted).
Actions AGO-9243, AGO-9294, AGO-9307 Various improvements made to the search functionality and the display of the folder structure.
Actions AGO-9255 BirthDate has been added as an available filter and personalization attribute in Actions.

1727 Release - 2017-07-17

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-8897 We added a lookup to the organization names fields in filters like “Closest store”, “Distance to a store”.
Actions AGO-7172, AGO-8314, AGO-9182 Following popular demand, we added 3 new filters in Actions to make it easy to select certain audiences : “Performed a Number of Events in the Timeframe”, “Purchased a Number of Products in a category”, “Made a Number of Transactions in a Timeframe”. All of those filters work in a similar way as their existing counterparts without “a Number of” in the name. The added functionality is to allow you to enter a number of times such event/transaction/product happened/were purchased and filter based on that.
Platform, DQE AGO-6973 We improved the way we treat secondary address information (the “Address2” field), to increase the accuracy of the address validation process and recognize better Unit/Suite numbers in the full address. This change will typically improve the percentage of validated addresses by 5 to 10% in the US/Canada for your data.
Metrics AGO-9208 The functionality “Connect from Excel” used to pass the wrong OLAP cube connection parameters. We fixed it and the functionality now works again as expected.
Actions AGO-9129 In the past releases, we made performance improvements to all the underlying data processing of Actions. This release applies those enhancements to Audience Counts (the “refresh” button on the “Audience” step when creating/editing a campaign) so they became much faster to return counts for large campaigns.
Metrics, Dashboards AGO-9090 We fixed a small display issue which used to show a “chart not configured” image on top of the charts of a dashboard.
Platform AGO-7458 Performance improvements - do not load past data if nothing new happened

1725 Release - 2017-06-22

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Metrics AGO-9070, AGO-9106, AGO-8858, AGO-8913, AGO-8977 New Cube UI
Actions AGO-9007 Actions SFTP campaign now allow you to pick the exported file name ! In the “Destination” step of your campaign setup, you will see that any new campaign will have the field “File name” populated with the name of the campaign by default. You can change that to any name you prefer (or leave it as is). Note that certain special characters are to be avoided (list provided in the UI), and you can include a full UNIX-style path starting from the root of the SFTP that your user has access to (using slash /, e.g. File name = “MyFolder/MySecondFolder/ExportedFileName”). The “Append date” checkbox is checked by default to automatically append the date and time of the extract to the file name every time that campaign runs, but feel free to uncheck it if not required. Note that if you or your team export(s) multiple campaigns (or the same campaign multiple times) with the same file name, the last one will overwrite any previous execution so the file will contain only the extract for that last campaign.
Actions AGO-6266, AGO-9087, AGO-8833 We expanded the capabilities of our “Distance to store” computations. You can now use the filter “Distance to a store” to select any customer living within [N] miles of store [ABC], e.g. : select all customers with distance to store [San Francisco store] is less than [20] miles, to send them an email about an event going on in that specific store. This has a few limitations for obvious reasons : we support distances of up to 40 miles (greater distances are considered useless by most retailers, since not a lot of people would make such a long trip), and we compute the distance to the 20 closest stores for each customers, so if there are more than 20 stores within a 40 miles radius around a given customer, we will only compute the distance to the closest 20.
Platform, Actions AGO-8283 UK clients : we partnered with a zipcode data provider for the UK, which enables us to now support the “Closest Store”, “Distance to closest store” and “Distance to a store” filters and dimensions in Actions and Metrics for UK addresses. Note that you need to send those addresses to AgilOne with the CountryCode column set to “GB” (the standard ISO Alpha-2 code), otherwise we will default them to US/CA.
Actions AGO-8738 The Actions filter “Performed a campaign activity” was renamed to “Performed an activity with message” to more explicitly the fact that it will only include customers who performed an event tied to a marketing campaign. See documentation for “Performed a campaign activity”, this doesn’t change the behavior of the filter itself. We also added a lookup on that filter, to make it easier to pick the “Type” of event without having to remember the existing types by heart.
Platform AGO-9004 We now support PGP/GPG encryption on top of ZIP/GZ compressed files.
Metrics, Actions, 360 Profiles AGO-8967 AgilOne clients can now request a specific landing page for their tenant. For instance, if you have a dashboard that your time should always check, AgilOne can make it the default landing page for your tenant ! Note that this is tenant-level, not user-specific so your entire team will get the same landing page. Please contact your AgilOne team to set this up.
Platform AGO-8961 AgilOne now supports configuring standard timezones for the data ingested via SFTP/S3 connectors, so that your data can be fully converted to UTC for our platform calculations. The standard timezones are the same as what Java 1.8 supports (
360 Profiles AGO-8948 We made the product attribute ImageURL available in 360 Profiles, under the Transaction card : when you expand a transaction, under each item you will now see a “Product Image” attribute with the URL surfaced as a link (you can click on it and get the image of the product that you sent to us). This change also applies to the 360 Profiles API, so you can start leveraging this image as part of any application you build on top of that API.
Actions AGO-8852 We added the attributes “SourceProductNumber” and “SourceProductCategoryNumber” to the available refinements on any event-related filter in Actions (e.g. “Performed an event in a time period”, “Performed an activity with message”, etc…).
Machine Learning Models AGO-8376, AGO-8468, AGO-8675, AGO-8680, AGO-9071 AgilOne’s Behavioral Clustering model is now available to all clients ! This model enables you to get customer segments generated by our machine-learning algorithms based on patterns found in your customer’s behavior. Using a clustering model running on 30+ behavioral features computed by AgilOne (e.g. AOV, tenure, recency, frequency, etc…), the algorithm groups together customers which have shown the same purchasing behavior. It produces between 3 and 8 such clusters (depending on your data), which your AgilOne team will then review with you the results to ensure that they make sense for your business and for you to name them for easier use later. Those clusters are available via Metrics (for reporting), Actions (for executing campaigns based on that information) and 360 Profiles (to see which type of customer you are looking at).

1723 Release - 2017-06-08

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Metrics AGO-8813, AGO-8935, AGO-8936, AGO-8779, AGO-8801, AGO-8827, AGO-8839, AGO-8873, AGO-8883, AGO-8885, AGO-8895, AGO-8605, AGO-8959, AGO-8908, AGO-8870, AGO-8875, AGO-8912 AgilOne now supports Dashboards! Dashboards provide the ability to create a visual representation of a collection of reports. They can be accessed via the Metrics menu. To add a report to Dashboards, start by creating your Cube or Template Reports and configuring charts for your respective reports. After your reports are successfully executed, go to Dashboards via the menu to create a new dashboard. When creating a new dashboard, click on Add Tile followed by the + sign (within the tile) to add charts or grids from your previously executed reports. Each dashboard can have up to 10 tiles and each tile can represent the grid or chart from one report. You can also download PDF or PNG versions of your dashboards after saving them.
Actions AGO-8836 The filter lookups in Actions used to break when you tried to input unicode characters. This has been fixed and they now support Unicode UTF-8 characters like the rest of the platform.
Integrations, Actions AGO-8042 AgilOne now integrates with Oracle Bronto (ESP) for pulling email activity data, as well as pushing audiences & attributes to Selligent to enable campaigns leveraging AgilOne augmented data.
Platform AGO-8862 We now support .gz compressed files as input to our SFTP connector (in addition to the already supported .zip format).

1721 Release - 2017-05-25

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Platform, Actions, Metrics, 360 Profiles AGO-8543 We identified and fixed a bug in the way PrimaryStore was computed.
Platform AGO-8565 While the platform supported UTF-8 Unicode characters, validation/ standardization elements of our Data Quality Engine would try to convert such characters back to Latin characters. We fixed that and fully support international characters (e.g. mandarin, turkish, etc…)
Platform AGO-8531, AGO-8773 We found a corner case where, if the Last Name of a customer was NULL and the First Name was not NULL, the validation & genrization code would output that record with a Last Name containing the First Name, a NULL First Name and a NULL Gender. This had a very small impact (small number of such records), yet the incorrect Gender could lead to missing certain customers when executing campaigns. We fixed this and our validation component now outputs the expected values, as well as the proper genderization.
Platform AGO-8659, AGO-8698 We now support exporting data into txt, csv, tsv or other similar extensions via our SFTP and S3 connectors. Note that the actual data is still in a csv-like format (delimiter and separator being defined in the connector by your AgilOne team).
Actions AGO-8755 We exposed the DPV Confirmation results that we get from USPS for US addresses in Actions as a filter and content for your campaigns. The new filter is called “DPV Confirmed”, and can take the values “Y” (when the address is DPV confirmed) and “N” (when the address is not certified).
Actions AGO-8766, AGO-8791 We made various performance optimizations in the way the Actions filters and their underlying queries work.
Actions AGO-8605 The Actions campaign listing page now displays at a glance whether the campaign is scheduled as well as its last execution status and date/ time. The schedule will display “-” if no schedule exists on that campaign (either already went through that schedule, or never scheduled) , “ONCE” if it is scheduled to run once in the future, “DAILY”/”WEEKLY”/ “MONTHLY” based on the frequency of the schedule. The Last Execution Status will display the current/latest status of the campaign using icons (for failed, running, succeeded statuses), and the date/time is the date/time at which the campaign entered that status (e.g. the execution time if the campaign is currently running, or the processing end date/time if the campaign succeeded). For our SendGrid integration : note that this execution status and date/time does not cover any test that was run through the “Test Email” functionality.

1719 Release - 2017-05-12

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-8667 Minor reorganization of the event and campaign-based filters into specific folders.
Metrics, Platform, Actions AGO-8545 We fixed an issue with the way Closest Store was computed for each customer. It was using the right organization number, but the organization name that was surfaced in the applications was not the right one. We fixed the mapping and Closest Store should now show the proper results.

1717 Release - 2017-04-28

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-8561

You can now refine the filters “Email Activity > Performed an event in a time period”, “Web Activity > Browsed a Product”, and “Web Activity > Abandoned their cart” by the following attributes :

  1. UserClient : this is “A” for events that happened on your mobile application (if you are sending us such events), and “B” for events that happened on a regular browser.
  2. Domain : this lists out the domain on which the specific event have happened, which can be useful for filtering the events if you use a lot of subdomains for marketing purposes or special sales and don’t want to target people that browsed on those websites.
  3. OperatingSystem : as its name indicates, this is a high-level summary of the operating system of the visitor. It can help you seleect specific segments of users based on their device/OS.
  4. DeviceType: as per its name, this is a very high-level summary of the device used by your visitors. It can help you segment further the people you want to target/avoid targeting for your campaigns, based on the device on which those events happened.
Data Export, Actions AGO-8550 We now support encryption at rest of the data exported via our S3 connector. This applies to Data Export as well as any campaign using the S3 connector execution channel. Note that this encryption option is provided & executed on the Amazon S3 side (we don’t maintain keys and access on our end, we simply consume what is configured on S3). If you want to leverage this, please sync-up with your AgilOne team.
Data Export AGO-8327 We found an issue where a recurring Data Export was not exporting the MasterCustomer entity. This was due to a timing issue, as well as an optimization on the modified date of each record in that entity. We fixed this, and all recurring Data Export will behave properly now.
Platform, Metrics, Actions, 360 Profiles AGO-8258, AGO-8246 Unicode characters are now supported throughout our UIs and APIs. The underlying platform already supported those, so the only thing you need to make sure is that you are sending your feeds with a proper encoding (UTF-8 is strongly recommended) so that unicode characters are recognized and left untouched during our data processing.
Actions, SendGrid integration AGO-8157 Some email contents & titles were incorrectly categorized as “spam” by our Spam Score functionality. This was due to a small glitch in the UI as well as some arbitrary stringent (provided by Spam Assassin) on the ratio of spaces to letters that made little sense to enforce. We reworked the rule and reviewed our Spam Scoring against the leading Email services (Litmus, Postmark, Spam Assassin, etc…) and confirmed that we are 100% aligned with them. THose issues are therefore fixed and you can use our Spam Score feature with confidence.

1715 Release - 2017-04-13

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-8529 When creating an audience, the “IN” operator was not working, we fixed that.
Platform AGO-8555 & associated We added Selligent as a PUSH and PULL connector capability in the standard AgilOne platform. Please check with your AgilOne Implementation team if you would like to take advantage of this.
Data Export AGO-8596 When running a new data export, the status was typically setting itself to “FAIL” even though the export was still running (and not failing at all). We fixed that and it now correctly displays the proper status : “RUNNING”.
Actions AGO-8599 On smaller screen, Actions was missing a scrollbar to scroll from left to right and access the campaign menu, we fixed that.
Platform AGO-8600 & associated We added Silverpop as a PUSH and PULL connector capability in the standard AgilOne platform. Please check with your AgilOne Implementation team if you would like to take advantage of this.
Metrics AGO-7968 The dimension “Customers - Month since last transaction” was showing duplicate values for “13 Months” and “24+ Months”, due to a mismatch in the computation of months between the different buckets. We consolidated this and the issue is fixed.
Metrics AGO-8316 The dimension “Customers - Days since last web visit” was indicating that all customers had browsed the website today, which is obviously incorrect. We fixed the computation.
Actions AGO-8410 The cube aggregation status (and date at which the cube was last refreshed) was showing up in Actions campaigns pages as well, which was not desirable. We removed it from the Actions pages.
360 Profiles AGO-8475 On smaller screens (less than 960px wide), clicking on the profile of a customer in the 360 Profiles app didn’t do anything. This was caused by an incorrect frame size which was blocking any clicks on the bottom half of the page. We fixed this and any screen size is supported now.
Actions AGO-8498 When creating an audience, the “IS NOT EMPTY” operator was not working, we fixed that.
Actions AGO-8540 & associated We improved the design of the Actions campaign listing page to make it easier to use. It now displays the latest status and execution of every campaign, as well as a quick reminder about what campaigns are scheduled and at what frequency. This is designed to get the most important information about a campaign at a glance but if you need more details, you can obviously open the campaign an navigate to see the full details of the setup.
Actions AGO-7198 We added a lookup on the filter “Customers who performed an event in time period”, to make it easier to find the list of possible values.
Platform AGO-8282 Our DQE (Data Quality Engine) now validates addresses from the UK, on top of the countries we already supported (US, CA). Please note that to leverage this capability, you need to make sure you provide a CountryCode value of “GB” for all your UK addresses (ISO Alpha-2 standard, like all other CountryCodes), otherwise they will be considered as US addresses by default and checked against the USPS database instead.
Metrics AGO-8381 We now support various chart types on top of the Query Reports in Metrics (this is in Beta testing). If you want to use charts on an existing report, simply open the report and click on the “CHARTS” button in the menu bar of the report. You will then have to define the chart type and axis information, and save it. Please send any feedback you have on this feature to your AgilOne team.
Actions, Metrics AGO-8482 You can now search for reports/campaigns across folders (using the search bar) in Actions and Metrics. Please note however, that this change is not applicable if your tenant has specific folder-level access rights enforced. If you have a doubt, or would like to understand what this means please reach out to your AgilOne team.

1713 Release - 2017-03-31

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Platform AGO-8371 Data processing performance improvements
Actions AGO-8369 We improved the user interface for the Summary step during the Actions campaign setup process. The schedule has been moved up, and the Summary itself is minimized to make the options “Schedule” and “Send Now” more obvious.
Metrics AGO-8367, AGO-8382 Query-based reports can now be exported to an FTP or an S3 instance, in a CSV format. You can pick the destination in the Summary step when creating such a report. The destination has to be picked out of the list of destination configured for you by your AgilOne Client Success team, so if you don’t have the right destination in the list, please contact your AgilOne Client Success team.
Machine Learning Models AGO-7988 We fixed a bug where the deciles returned by the Likelihood to Buy were something greater than 10. This was due to a bug in the Machine Learning framework we are using, but a work-around has been found and implemented.
Actions AGO-8267, AGO-8265, AGO-8264 You can now include/exclude past audiences from your Actions campaigns by using the filter “Email Activity > Were included in a campaign”. The filter requires that you enter a campaign name (it provides a lookup for ease of use), as well as a timeframe in which you want the recipients to have been included in the campaign. Note that this feature is disabled by default, please open a request with your AgilOne Client Success team if you are interested.
360 Profiles AGO-8255 The Journey card in the 360 Profiles application now contains a search feature. You can use it to look-up specific events that happened for the customer, by date and by type of events. By default, the minimum date for the search will be the minimum of First Order Date of that customer or 5 years ago if that customer is a non-buyer.

1711 Release - 2017-03-16

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Standard Feeds, 360 Profiles AGO-8275, AGO-8340 We created a standard feed for sending Direct Mail information to AgilOne. In itself, this enables the support for Direct Mail events to be surfaced in 360 Profiles, as well as being used in Actions filters (using the “Performed a Campaign Activity” filter). This is also the first step in enabling future features related to Direct Mail, in particular Direct Mail matchback capabilities. Please contact your AgilOne Implementation Project Manager if you are interested for that feature.
Metrics AGO-7191 As part of our security measures, we now enforce password expiry after 90 days on the “Connect from Excel” functionality, at both the file access level (newly downloaded files will have a password that expires after 90 days) and the data connection inside the file (you need to enter a new password into the connection settings to use it). Please check with your AgilOne Implementation Project Manager to get new passwords if needed.
Integrations AGO-8252 This applies to the CheetahMail-AgilOne connector only. We fixed an issue where email events where duplicated. The data pull was looking at overlapping time windows and therefore pulling twice the same data during every run.
Metrics, Actions AGO-8228 We fixed the computation of Primary Store and Primary Organization (used in both dimensions in Metrics and filters in Actions). The computation used to select the store/organization that had the most transaction items (ie Products demanded/cancelled/shipped/returned) associated with it, instead of selecting the store/organization that had the most transactions associated with it. We corrected this.
Metrics AGO-8304 Cube data refresh status shows timestamp of when the cube was last refreshed with the latest data. Available options for the status are: - “Cube data refreshed on “: The cube & calculations have been refreshed with the latest data. - “Cube data refresh failed on “: Please reach out to the AgilOne Support team for further assistance if the refresh failed. - “Cube data refresh in progress”: Please run your report after the cube refresh is completed successfully - “Cube data refresh status not available” : Please reach out to the AgilOne Support team for further assistance.

1709 Release - 2017-03-02

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Integrations, Actions AGO-8207 AgilOne now integrates with Selligent (ESP) for pulling email activity data, as well as pushing audiences & attributes to Selligent to enable campaigns leveraging AgilOne augmented data.
Platform AGO-8109 AgilOne now has the ability to run only the subset of predictive models you need. This means that, unless you are using all predictive models, the processing time of your data has been improved, and we can now schedule those models to be refreshed on a daily basis.
Platform AGO-8109 AgilOne has now released the latest version of the Likelihood to Buy model. It enables you to rank your existing buyers in order to know which are most likely to buy in the coming 30 days (based on their previous behavior and the overall behavior of all your customers). For more details, please discuss with your AgilOne Implementation Project Manager.
360 Profiles AGO-7507 In certain cases, customers had a phone number showing in the 360 Profiles search screen, but no phone number was displayed when you clicked on their profile. This is related to the way the Phone Number was picked after deduping, and is now fixed.
Data feeds AGO-8160 The TransactionItem feed now support other types than “Purchase”. This is particularly useful for “Sample”/”Swatch” transaction items, which should not be considered as regular items (ie they should not be considered as a real purchase placed by customers) but you still want to track those to better understand your customers. Metrics and Actions will surface this information as well so you can filter/select customers in your reporting/campaigns based on this information. Be careful : any other type than “Purchase” will NOT be considered in the computation of a customer’s first order date, average order value, last order date, and other metrics.
360 Profiles AGO-8233, AGO-8110 The 360 Profiles UI has undergone a batch of visual improvements to make it easier to read and nicer-looking.
360 Profiles AGO-7890 The name and type of organization in which transactions are placed are now surfaced in both 360 Profiles UI and the 360 API. THis makes it easier for you to understand where each transaction was placed by the customer.
Actions AGO-8076 The Actions UI for SendGrid Email campaigns was displaying an A/B testing message in the “Test Email” pop-up, even when no A/B testing was enabled. The message has been clarified and is now different depending on whether A/B test is turned on or off.
Actions AGO-8263 The Actions UI for SendGrid Email campaigns was displaying a validation message that was unclear when the “Email Subject” field was not properly populated )in the case of A/B testing multiple variants). We fixed this and the message is now clearly stating which variant has the issue.

1707 Release - 2017-02-16

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix Notes
Actions (Multiple) AgilOne now supports audience splits for A/B testing. This applies to campaigns that run on the SFTP or SendGrid Email channels, and it enables you to decide how to randomly split your audience by picking the percentages and the number of variants to create. It also supports hold-outs. More information can be found in Actions’ documentation.  
Actions, Metrics AGO-8073 Actions and Metrics now support Folder level permissions : users with the correct permissions for a given folder can create/updated/view campaigns/reports in that folder, others cannot. Please speak to your AgilOne CSM if you would like to restrict access to certain folders for some of your users.
Actions AGO-8105 The AgilOne Email channel has been renamed to “SendGrid Email”, and the branding has been changed accordingly. This is to reflect more accurately our capabilities and integrations.The features for this channel do not change.  
360 Profiles AGO-7830 In certain cases when the client’s order confirmation page does not expire (and is loaded again with the same information being sent to the AgilOne Webtag), the 360 Profiles application was showing those events as duplicate transactions for customers reloading the page. This is now fixed, but please remember to avoid sending twice the same information to the AgilOne Webtag as much as possible.  
Actions, Metrics AGO-8070 When deleting a campaign/report in the main folder, users were sometimes seeing a 404 error when trying to add another folder. The UI was actually checking for the most recently created campaign/report when trying to add a folder, which returned the suppressed campaign and caused the error. This check has been removed and this issue is fixed.  
Actions AGO-8166 The Unsubscribe pages hosted by AgilOne for SendGrid Email campaigns have been improved in multiple ways : client-side tracking (instead of server-side, which was missing some events happening on the client-side) , automated language switch supported (for EN/FR/DE/ES/IT/TR) based on the browser’s locale, and the designer of the pages can enforce a static language as well (see Actions documentation if you need this).  
Metrics, 360 Profiles, Actions AGO-7979 The summary calculations for “Customer - Transaction Count - Last 12 Months” and “Customer - Transaction Count - 13-24 Months” were using an incremental logic and were not updating properly on a daily basis. The incremental logic has ben reworked, and the issue is now fixed.  
Metrics, Actions, 360 Profiles AGO-7876 All of the AgilOne calculated summaries that are surfaced as “buckets” can now be configured to change the bucketization : e.g. if the standard AOV buckets ($0-25, $25-50, $50-75, etc…) do not match your business because AOVs are typically around $400 or higher, you can request that AgilOne configures different buckets (e.g. $0-100, $100-200, $200-300, $300-350$, etc…). This applies to all bucketized summaries : e.g. “Customer - AOV”, “Customer - Category Count”, “Customer - First Transaction Revenue”, etc… please find the full list in the Metrics documentation.  
Metrics AGO-7968 “Customer - Months since last transaction” dimension in Metrics used to show duplicate values for “13 Months” and “24+ Months”. This was due to a labelling issue (display only), where the label was using a rounded-up version of the underlying calculation and the two didn’t match for values corresponding to each year. This has been fixed and no duplicate values are displayed anymore.  
Actions AGO-8118 When removing an attribute from the Content step, it was not removed from the Design step. This was a UI issue that has been fixed.  
Actions AGO-8121 The scrolling on the Design step was broken in the UI. This is now fixed.  
Metrics AGO-8082 When moving reports to other folders, the folders that were shown were the ones from Actions, not Metrics. This is now fixed.  

1705 Release - 2017-02-02

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Security AGO-8119 Password reset had a bad redirection, which prevented users from resetting their passwords. This is now fixed and working as expected.
Actions AGO-7938 After clicking “Send Now” on the summary page, then clicking “Cancel” on the confirmation dialog, users could no longer click on “Send Now” without leaving the campaign and coming back to the summary page. This has been fixed and users can now click “Send Now” again.
Actions AGO-8081 When creating a campaign, saving it, then closing it and coming back to it, a confirmation dialog was popping up even when there were no changes to the campaign. This is fixed.
Knowledge Base AGO-8085 The links redirecting to the Knowledge Base are now fully functional.
Actions AGO-7800 Users were sometimes unable to expand the list of rules on the Audience step in Actions. This is fixed.
360 Profiles AGO-7952 After a unsuccesful search in 360 Profiles (“no matching customers found”), clicking “X” to clear the search did not remove the message. This is now fixed.
Actions AGO-7991 On the Destination step of Actions, when clients have multiple channels of the same type configured, a default destination is now selected for ease of use.
Data Feeds AGO-7915 AgilOne now supports input data feeds in ZIP files. Note that, for this to work properly, the file naming pattern should be the same as what we currently require (e.g. customer_[datetime].[zip/csv], transaction_[datetime].[zip/csv], etc…). Refer to your AgilOne Implementation Project Manager if you have any doubts.

1651 / 1701 / 1703 Release - 2017-01-18

Please find attached the list of improvements & bug fixes for this release.

AgilOne Release 1651 - 1701 - 1703 Fix notes.pdf

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error-free. If you encounter any errors, contact Acquia Support.