2018 Release notes - Customer Data Platform

This webpage describes the updates Acquia made to CDP in 2018. For the latest updates, see Release notes.

1841.1/2 Release - 2018-12-13

Currently a work in progress…

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-11529 For clients that push AgilOne Actions Campaigns to CheetahMail, we have squashed a bug that was resulting in some data not being successfully pushed to a CheetahMail xDB.
Actions AGO-11429

If your stores (i.e. organizations) have a hierarchical relationship, in Actions, we have cloned two common filters to take advantage of this parent-child relationship:

  • Purchased a product in an organization hierarchy
  • Purchased a product using a promotion in an organization hierarchy
Actions AGO-11502, AGO-11503, AGO-11624 We have significantly overhauled the user interface of the AgilOne Actions choose channel screen to better visualize the options available to the user. Previously if you were trying to push data to a third party (e.g. Monetate), you had to know which data transfer medium they used (e. g. SFTP). Now instead of memorizing ‘Monetate uses SFTP’ and then clicking on ‘SFTP’, you can just click on ‘Monetate’.
Calendar AGO-11512 We have minorly improved the clarity of the Execution Calendar user interface. If you do not have access to the execution calendar in AgilOne Hub, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the AgilOne Help Desk and request access.
Actions AGO-11604 Some clients experienced Actions campaign failures due to removing content models from a previously executed campaign. Due to the backend data structure, after the first execution of a campaign, output content can only be added, not removed. Therefore we have blocked Actions users from being able to remove content models after the first execution of a campaign. If you would like to remove a content model please clone the campaign and then edit the clone.
Actions AGO-11622

We squashed a bug that prevented Actions users from being able to use the following filter conditions on dates in campaign content model refinements:

  • in the range of
  • in the next
  • in future range of
  • in between

1841 Release - 2018-11-12

Currently a work in progress…

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Calendar AGO-11065 We are releasing a new application called the AgilOne “Execution Calendar”. This application displays when campaigns, reports (not including Looks), and data exports are scheduled to be executed in the future. It currently does not display any past execution history. This application will be made available to all users who have access to either Actions, Metrics, or Data Export. The calendar should be extremely helpful for keeping track of which campaigns, reports, and exports are scheduled to execute in the future.
Actions AGO-11426 In this release we are enhancing Actions campaign performance by widely releasing a campaign optimization that avoid joining refinement tables when a refinement filter is not utilized. This will also allow campaigns to succeed when we lack referential integrity between transactions and products, or products and product categories.
Actions AGO-11434 Before this release Actions users were limited to inputting a maximum of 50 values into a single filter. With this release we are significantly increasing that limit to 2,500. We hope to slowly increase this limit to 9,999 at which point we reach a new barrier enforced by one of our underlying technologies. If you have a use case where you would like to input more than 2,500 values into a single filter, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager so that we can thoroughly test and validate the functionality before we release it widely. Thank you!
Platform AGO-11491 AgilOne is undertaking a significant software upgrade of our Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH), the backbone of our data processing pipeline. This upgrade is akin to an operating system upgrade on your own computer, and requires us to slowly migrate one client at a time. This incremental rollout process will help AgilOne to reduce risk by ensuring that each client, and their many customizations, gets the attention they deserve. US clients that have been upgraded to the new CDH version will see a pop-up alert on (i.e. Blue, the old CDH version) that informs them that they have been migrated to hub2. (i.e. Green, the new CDH version). The new CDH version provides promising performance and stability improvements, and enables some new functionality that we hope to take advantage of in the future.

1837 / 1839 Release - 2018-10-23

Currently a work in progress…

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Platform: A1 Mailer AGO-11376 For clients who send emails through AgilOne’s SendGrid integration, AgilOne now receives details, in real time, about which device type (e. g. computer, tablet, or mobile phone) was used to open or click within the email. This will be especially helpful for reporting on which devices are used to open and click on emails.
Actions AGO-11416 We have squashed a bug that was causing the Actions calculated content model “Revenue in a time frame” to export duplicate customer records.
Platform AGO-10549, AGO-10558 We have enhanced the platform so that display names in Actions and 360 re more easily configurable. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Consultant if you would like to change some of the default language in Actions or 360. For example, you may want to change “transaction” to “order” or “purchase”.
Actions, Metrics, & Data Export AGO-11338 For recurring Actions campaigns, Metrics template reports, and Data Export we have added a line graph that more clearly displays the history of records exported. Now when you look at the history of a campaign, report, or export you will be able to toggle between a graph or the current list view of the execution history. Re-exporting a historical audience, report, or export is only achievable within the list view.

1835 Release - 2018-09-25

Currently a work in progress…

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-11363 While previously AgilOne did not enforce any consistency with regard to the order of columns in Actions output content, we have found that the recent introduction of the ‘Echo’ content model has upset some of our client’s downstream integrations. In this release we have introduced an update that maintains the order of Actions content columns across saves and executions of an Actions campaign. The order of Actions output columns can still change when a campaign is cloned (i.e. copied). If you rely on the order of columns that Actions outputs, we recommend that if you need to add new content to a previously executed campaign, that you clone the campaign first before adding the new content. Thank you!
Actions AGO-10979, AGO-11344 When using the “Were included in an AgilOne campaign” and “Were included in an AgilOne campaign with variant” Actions Audience filters, you can now filter by more than one AgilOne campaign at a time. This should significantly improve the performance of Actions campaigns that currently utilize multiple versions of these filters.
Actions AGO-11188 In Actions, you can now filter date/time based attributes by a relative number of weeks. E.g. Find all customers who purchased a product in the last 3 weeks. Previously you could only filter by days, hours, and minutes. As always, the time frame utilized to filter the audience is calculated at time of execution. In the previous example, if the campaign runs at 8am, the audience will be filtered to include anyone who purchased a product since three weeks ago at 8am (i.e. today at 8am minus 3 weeks * 7 days/week * 24 hours/day * 60 minutes/hour * 60 seconds/minutes).
Platform: IRE AGO-11352 To enable better performance reporting of AgilOne’s Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) we have begun to make IRE more verbose in its procedures and informative of how it reached each outcome. In this release we are making sure that each intermediary dataset in the IRE process is maintained for post-completion analysis. Previously, intermediary tables were truncated to minimize disk usage and the final result was poorly labeled for any sort of post-completion analysis.
Platform: DW Tracker API AGO-11353 We have enhanced our DW Tracker API so that it can ingest all email events in real time. This should enable additional real time use cases around email engagement, should your Email Service Provider support informing AgilOne of email sends, opens, and clicks in real time.
Actions AGO-11371 Now Actions users can refine by an event’s time stamp and search term in Actions audience filters and content models. This will enable our clients to filter product browsed/abandoned events within Actions content so that only recently browsed/abandoned products are exported. Additionally, this will enable Actions users to find all customers who searched on their website using a specific word or phrase.

1833 Release - 2018-09-06

Currently a work in progress…

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-10881 In 1833 we are releasing two new Actions content models. The first of which is ‘Household Attributes’. This content model allows you to export household-level details for each customer in an Actions audience. This content will be especially useful for clients that mail catalogs or other direct mail marketing pieces. Now you can use Actions to export such details as household total revenue segment or household acquisition offer. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the AgilOne help desk to enable this feature.
Actions AGO-11058, AGO-11197

The second new content model we are releasing in 1833 is called ‘Campaign Metadata’. This allows an Actions user to include the following campaign attributes within the content of their campaign:

  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Description
  • Campaign Created By
  • Campaign Creation Date
  • Campaign Edited By
  • Campaign Edited Date
Actions AGO-11215 We are always working to make Actions campaigns perform more efficiently. In this release we have added two features to enhance performance. The first of which is a campaign optimizer that reviews campaign construction before execution and works to minimize the complexity of the campaign logic. This performance improvement occurs behind the scenes to the user, but should significantly improve the performance of campaigns with a large number of filters and/or content.
Actions AGO-10955 The second Actions campaign performance enhancement we have added in release 1833 is a campaign optimizer that removes joins to refinement tables when refinements are not utilized. This is especially important now that we have been enhancing several Actions audience filters and content models to be able to be refined by additional organization, product, and/or product category details. When an Actions user builds campaign that doesn’t utilize these refinement options, the joining of these refinement tables can significantly slow down the performance of the campaign. With this enhancement enabled the performance of campaigns without refinement filters should be greatly improved.
Actions AGO-11280

We have squashed a bug that broke the functionality of the following audience filters:

  • Purchased a Number of Products
  • Made a Number of Transactions in a Timeframe

These filters should now work as expected. Please work with Support to recreate any campaigns that were created over the last two weeks with these audience filters.

Actions AGO-11251, AGO-11333 Refinement options for Campaign, Dispatch, and Product Category Hierarchy now have dynamic lookups that provide the Actions user insight into what campaign, dispatch, and product category values are available for filtering.

1831 Release - 2018-08-22

Currently a work in progress…

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Platform: CheetahMail AGO-11116 For our clients that use CheetahMail, AgilOne can now send audience lists from Actions campaigns to CheetahMail external databases (xDBs). xDBs are campaign ready audience lists and metadata that exist outside of CheetahMail’s main subscriber table and can be used within 14 days as a reference for sending a campaign from CheetahMail. If you are interested, please speak with your Customer Success Manager about how to set up such functionality.
Actions AGO-11119

We are releasing two new Actions audience segmentation filters that provides you additional functionality to segment your audience:

  • Performed an event with campaign - this filter allows you to segment individuals based on their engagement with marketing campaigns. Previously ‘Performed an event with message’ was the only filter available for this sort of segmentation, however filtering by message-level metadata (e.g. subject, source code, etc.) does not solve every use case. Now you can filter by campaign and dispatch level metadata (e.g. campaign name, attribution window, etc.). ‘Performed an event with message’ will perform better, but ‘Performed an event with campaign’ solves additional use cases.
  • Performed an event with product category - this filter allows you to segment individuals based on their engagement with product categories. For example, segment out individual’s who browsed Men’s products, or segment out individuals who ‘liked’ the camping & hiking product category.
Platform: Silverpop AGO-11150 For our clients that use IBM Silverpop, we have updated our data ingestion process to map and store the Silverpop event types. Previously AgilOne just standardized the Silverpop event types by translating them into AgilOne’s event types (e.g. ‘hard bounce’ -> ‘emailBounce’). In addition to the previous behavior, Silverpop event types are now available in AgilOne as event ‘subtype’. This will help AgilOne report on hard vs. soft bounce counts and make interaction with AgilOne more familiar for users migrating from Silverpop’s segmentation & reporting user interface to AgilOne’s.

1829 Release - 2018-08-08

Currently a work in progress…

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-11119

We have created two new Actions audience filters:

  • Performed an event with a campaign - allows an Actions user to segment an audience by any behavior linked to a marketing campaign. Previously only message-level metadata was available for refinement, now campaign and dispatch level metadata is available for refinement.
  • Performed an event with a product category - allows an Actions user to segment an audience by any behavior linked to a product category, such as product category browse or like events.
Platform: Euromessage AGO-11040 AgilOne has now natively integrated EuroMessage into our v6 application! Clients who utilize EuroMessage as their email service provider (ESP) can now ingest their EuroMessage send/click/open data into AgilOne and export AgilOne Actions Campaigns to EuroMessage.
Actions AGO-11107 When we added the ability to analyze and segment by Propensity to Buy 3 months ago and 2 months ago, we mistakenly removed Propensity to Buy 1 month ago. Therefore, we have now made available ‘Propensity to Buy 1 Month Ago’ in Actions as both a filter, refinement, and content.
Actions AGO-11120

We have added two new Actions content models:

  • Closest Store Details - For every member of the Actions audience, this content model outputs details about the physical store closest to their primary address.
  • Primary Store Details - For every member of the Actions audience, this content model outputs details about the physical store they have transacted at most often.
Platform AGO-11088

To support AGO-11120 we have added two new customer summary attributes:

  • Closest Store ID
  • Primary Store ID

While Primary Store ID is available out of the box for existing clients, Closest Store ID requires that AgilOne reset an incremental cache within our data processing pipeline. Resetting this cache could cause the subsequent nightly refresh to run longer than normal and thereby impact morning campaigns. Therefore, this effort will be performed on an ‘as needed’ basis. If you would like to utilitze Closest Store ID, please reach out to the AgilOne help desk or your Customer Success Manager to schedule an appropriate time to reset this cache, causing a slightly delayed refresh, but resulting in a Closest Store ID being properly calculated and exposed. Thank you!

Actions AGO-11181 For Actions users who want to segment by web behaivor, we have now made the event URL available for refinement. This can be useful if you would like to segment out web users who have browsed a specific web page or directory.

1827 Release - 2018-07-30

Currently a work in progress…

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-10824 For clients whose customers have favorite products that they buy multiple times (e.g. single-use items, food, etc.), we have built a new content model that exports each customer’s favorite products from Actions. This “favorite products” content model calculates and exports product details for each individual’s favorite 6 products. A ‘favorite product’ is a product that the customer has purchased more than five times and in greater quantity than any other product (we rank by highest quantity purchased). If an individual has purchased two products in the same quantity, the content model breaks ties by then ranking by sale revenue. This insures that higher value products will win over lower value products when purchased in similar quantities.
Actions AGO-10895 To improve campaign performance, better align Actions with Metrics, and to make available for use AgilOne calculated attributes/summaries at the transaction level (e.g. master customer transaction sequence), we have migrated most Actions audience filters and conent models from reading AgilOne’s data warehouse tables (transaction & transaction item) to reading AgilOne’s business intelligence table (transactionsummary). The filters and models affected are: - Purchased a product - Purchased a product in a category - Last Products Purchased Users should see improved performance with these filters and content models, however every transaction and transaction item attribute may not yet exist on transcationsummary. If you feel that you are missing a transaction or transaction item attribute in these filters, please reach out to your customer success manager to have the attribute promoted. Thank you!
Actions AGO-10999

As part of our continued efforts to make refining by product categories within Actions easier, we updated several Actions audience filters to include refinements on products, product categories, and the product category hierarchy. The product category hierarchy means that you no longer have to explicitly list every product category you would like to refine by. Where previously an Actions user who wanted to refine by Men’s products needed to include in the refinement: ‘Men’s tops knit’, ‘Men’s bottoms jeans’, ‘Men’s socks’, etc., now you need only to enter ‘Men’s’ and Actions will automatically traverse the product category hierarchy to grab and include every descendant category. The audience filters affected are:

  • Placed first transaction
  • Placed last transaction
  • Customers who spent certain amount in a timeframe
  • Made a Number of Transactions in a Timeframe
  • Purchased a Number of Products

While this effort makes including descendent categories significantly easier than before (you now only need to select one parent instead of all descendants), it does slightly complicate excluding descendent categories. To exclude a product category, please exclude the category on “product category hierarchy” instead of “product category”. If you exclude product categories on product category, then Actions will still traverse down the product category tree from a different parent (or grand parent) to grab the descendant category. Today’s behavior is now reversed from before, where excluding a single category does not exclude its descendant categories. You have to explicitly list every descendant category that you want to exclude. In summary, include categories using “”product category”” and exclude categories using “”product category hierarchy””. We hope to visualize the product category tree in the future so that including and excluding product categories is less confusing and easier to accomplish.

1825 Release - 2018-07-11

Currently a work in progress…

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-10584 We squashed a bug that prevented users from exporting correctly formatted dates before January 1st, 1970, the start of Unix time. Dates before January 1st, 1970 were incorrectly exported as Unix epoch time stamps instead of human readable dates.

1823 Release - 2018-06-28

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Platform AGO-10839 Recently some clients who have householding logic enabled have noticed that some transactions are improperly marked as anonymous transactions instead of being properly assigned a master customer. This has been rectified so that all transaction records are properly assigned the correct master customer. If you do not have houeholding logic enabled, then you were not susceptible to this issue.
Actions AGO-10792 Actions users often need to send an Actions campaign in a fixed (i.e. previously determined) data format to a downstream destination, with very little input from AgilOne on the required format/content. For example, many email service providers (ESP) require fixed data formats, including specific content columns in a specific order. Now when an Actions user selects the destination table within the destination tab of the campaign workflow, they can click the schema information button (i) to see what data structure is required for the destination table they have selected. No more guessing or memorizing what content is required for each destination.
Actions AGO-10927 Continuing our effort to make the AgilOne application more self documenting and user friendly, we have added many new information buttons (i) throughout the Actions campaign workflow. In the future we hope to add more documentation within Metrics and 360 as well! Please email if you ever spot any out of date documentation.
Actions & Metrics AGO-10982 Within Actions and Metrics you can now search for campaigns or reports by their unique resource identifier. To perform this search, within the Actions or Metrics search bar, please enter ‘##’ and then the unique identifier of the campaign or report you are referencing, e.g. ##3215 will return campaign or report 3215.

1819 / 1821 Release - 2018-06-18

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
360 AGO-10857 We are continuously making 360 Profiles more configurable. If you prefer, you can now hide all timezones displayed within 360.
Actions AGO-10225 This release we worked hard to improve our Actions support for product category hierarchies. Prior to this release if an Actions user wanted to filter products/transactions by a product category, they had to include every child category in their Actions audience filter. For example, if the user wanted to filter out buyers of Women’s products, they had to actually input all of the lowest Women’s levels: Women’s sandals, Women’s boots, Women’s dress shoes, etc. With this release now the Actions user only needs to enter the highest product category, e.g. Women’s shoes, and Actions will automatically traverse the product category tree to find all products under Women’s shoes. This should greatly simplify the number of inputs required when filtering by product categories. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have questions or would like additional training around this feature. Please be aware, that while we made including many product categories in a single filter much easier, this effort does the opposite when the user wants to exclude only a few categories in a single filter. When excluding specific product categories, please instead choose every category to include.
Platform AGO-10884 Recently our Bronto output connector has been failing when the source dataset has empty (i.e. null) fields. We have fixed our output connector so that it no longer fails when attempting to export null data.

1813 / 1815 / 1817 Release - 2018-05-29

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-1054 To more easily enable recurring birthday campaigns AgilOne has developed a new Actions audience filter: ‘Days Until Next Birthday’. You can utilize the ‘Days Until Next Birthday’ filter to segment an audience based on whether their birthday is approaching or recently occurred.
Actions AGO-10688 We are increasing AgilOne’s support for custom event types in Actions. A new Actions audience filter ‘Performed an event with product’ will allow Actions users to segment audiences based on whether they performed any type of event with a product. Previously only ‘Browsed a product’ was supported, but now Actions is capable of segmenting based on ‘Liked a product’ or ‘Signed up for more information about a product’, or any other custom use case a client may have.
Actions AGO-10710 Removing content from an Actions campaign after it has already been executed once can cause future executions to fail. Therefore we are now disabiling the ability to remove content after a campaign has already been executed. You can still add new content for future executions. If you would like to delete existing content, please clone the campaign, and edit the new copy of the campaign.
Actions AGO-10758 Today we are introducing a third new Actions audience filter: ‘Purchased a product in a category hierarchy’. This filter is an improvement on the existing ‘Purchased a product in a category’ filter. Previously when you wanted to filter on a parent category, you would have to manually select all child categories. For example, if you wanted to refine on ‘Tops’, you would have to manually pick the child most categories ‘Shirts’, ‘Sweaters’, ‘Tanks’, etc. With the new filter you only have to select ‘Tops’, and the refinement will automatically include all child categories, all the way down to the lowest level.
Actions AGO-10828 In order to make the AgilOne application more self-documenting we have added many more information buttons within Actions. These buttons (designated by an ‘(i)’ icon) will either provide more details right in the application or link out to our thorough documentation portal in Zendesk. We hope to improve the quality of this documentation and add more documentation within the application going forward.
Actions, Metrics AGO-10757 We’ve improved folder organization with Actions and Metrics. Folders are now alphabetically sorted making it easy to find them. We have also added a “Recent Folders” dialog which can be accessed via the clock” icon in the Folders area. This new dialog shows recently accessed folders for the user.
GDPR AGO-10924 We have greatly improved the performance of our GDPR purge process to handle significantly larger customer lists (>250,000 customers at once). After testing our privacy API with some early adopters we found that many of our EU clients are more eager to purge ‘no longer relevant’ customers than we expeted. To accomodate these requests we have iterated upon and improved our GDPR purge workflow to handle very large customer lists.
Metrics: Cube Reports AGO-10682 Cube Reports allow user to sort on measures and dimensions in a report result. We had a bug where this sort preference was not being reflected in charts. This has now been fixed, and this sort preference is also automatically saved when the report is saved.
Metrics: Cube Reports, Template Reports AGO-10686 Empty/null values in the result grid of a report were being defaulted to “0” when charted. This was giving rise to some unexpected charting behavior. We’ve fixed it so that empty/null values are not charted in a data series instead of defaulting them to “0”.
Metrics: Cube Reports AGO-6881 We’ve added the ability to re-order the measures/dimensions in a cube report via a drag/drop mechanism. Dimensions, however, cannot be moved from Rows to Columns/Filters area or vice-versa. The re-ordering mechanism will work within a specific area such as rows, columns or filters but not across them.
Metrics: Cube Reports, Template Reports AGO-9792 Fixed various bugs related to “Stacked Column” charts. This chart type should now work as expected in various scenarios in Reports.
Metrics: Dashboards AGO-10896 We experienced a bug where an incorrect timestamp was being displayed for “Report last run on” within Dashboards. We’ve now fixed it to show the correct timestamp.
Platform AGO-1052 AgilOne’s default data promotion policy is ‘latest is greatest’, in other words the most recent data received is the most up to date. However, in some instances this paradigm breaks down: for example, the latest data can contain conflicting information, or higher quality and more thorough data may exist from an earlier source. Therefore, AgilOne has highly complex and advanced logic to decide which email address, mailling address, phone number, and some key customer attributes (e.g. first name, last name, gender, age, etc.) are promoted from the source data to the master customer in AgilOne. We have now made it easier for our clients to customize this logic based on their specific needs. Please speak with your Customer Succcess Manager if you would like to adjust how AgilOne chooses the winning name & gender, address, email, and phone number for each master customer. Sometimes the default promotion logic can be enhanced just by discussing which sources are highly reliable, and which sources are not.

1811 Release - 2018-04-10

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-9078 In Actions we are now exposing the recently created phone validity flags for primary, secondary, and mobile phones within the United States and Canada. For clients that exclusively do business in the US and Canada you can utilize these flags to understand whether a customer’s phone number is valid or invalid and perform text marketing phone calls appropriately.
Metrics: Cube Reports AGO-10638 Filter conditions in Cube Reports were not being honored under certain conditions when dimensions were moved from Rows/Columns area to Filters area. We’ve fixed this bug to always honor all filter conditions correctly.
Metrics: Cube Reports AGO-10863 We experienced a bug where the “Connect from Excel” button was not downloading an Excel file as expected. We’ve fixed it as part of the release.
Metrics: Fiscal Calendar AGO-10561 We have updated our fiscal calendar processes to be more configurable. For an additional fee we can now configure a second fiscal calendar alongside the original fiscal calendar. Such a configuration should undertaken only after very careful consideration because two fiscal calendars can be confusing to the user and lead to a bloat of options within AgilOne.
Platform AGO-10576 AgilOne has made it easier to configure changes to the many default buckets, or ranges, that are grouped in AgilOne’s nightly refresh process. For example, the default buckets for days since last transaction are: ‘Less than 1 month’, ‘1 to 3 months’, ‘4 to 6 months’, ‘7 to 12 months’, ‘13 to 24 months’, and ‘More than 24 months’. Configuring this bucket to be unique for a client’s specific needs was achieveable before, but is now much easier to accomplish. Any attribute that ends with ‘group’ is performing bucketing that should be configurable.
Platform: DQE AGO-9961 AgilOne is now making our master customer primary keys (MasterCustomerIDs) semi-persistent by calculating them directionally. AgilOne will now choose the earliest ingested child customer primary key (CustomerID or SourceCustomerNumber) as the default MasterCustomerID. MasterCustomerIDs are only semi-persistent because master customers can break apart, or separate, if additional information is ingested about a child customer that causes a breakout scenario. Additionally, by default we are now limiting the size of a master customer to 5,000 child customers, in order to avoid performance bottlenecks that can block data processing. During AgilOne’s de-duplication process, if a master customer exceeds 5,000 child customers we are no longer de-duplicating the >5,000th customer into the master customer. Such large master customers are extremely unlikely in the real world, but are generally caused by upstream data issues. When these very large master customers exist the can cause performance bottlenecks within AgilOne that prevent the nightly refresh from succeeding.

1809 Release - 2018-03-20

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
360 Profiles AGO-10593 The 360 household tab now displays more than three family members when necessary. Householding logic can be quite complex and therefore is not exposed by default. If you do not see a household tab in your 360 profiles, and would like to explore the benefits of householding, please speak with your Customer Success Manager for more information.
Actions, Metrics, 360 Profiles AGO-10557 To provide an even deeper insight into your address data, we have added the Residential Business Delivery Indicator (RBDI) to all customer addresses. This flag utilizes USPS data to help you differentiate between residential and bussiness addresses. In conjunction with the USPS Delivery Point Validation (DPV) flag, we hope to make you as efficient as possible at shipping mail (or parcels) within the United States. The new RBDI flag is available in Actions and Metrics by default, and can be easily made available in 360. Possible values are: - R = Residential - B = Business - U = Unknown
GDPR AGO-10475 To further enhance our GDPR purge process, we have updated the process to also delete or anonymize personal data in our purge tracking tables after the purge process succeeds. This is because the primary identifier of a customer, that we write to these purge tracking tables, often contains personal data that must be purged or anonymized under GDPR rules.
Metrics: Template Reports AGO-9646 Historical execution results of a Template Report can now be sent to an SFTP location. This feature can be accessed via the History option in the 3-dot menu on the Report listing page. The History dialog will show the results of historical executions of Template Reports with an “Export” option to send the results of those executions to SFTP.

1807 Release - 2018-03-07

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
360 Profiles, Real-Time Events AGO-10483 The SourceProductNumber field in the Journey tab of 360 Profiles was not being populated for real-time events such as productBrowsed. We’ve fixed that to display the SourceProductNumbers.
Actions AGO-10465 For Actions content models that fetch product attributes, you can now refine by product category attributes. For example, you may wish to export the last products purchased within the Women’s Bottoms product category, you can now apply such a filter to the content.
Actions AGO-10381 In Actions we have found that it can get confusing which refinement filters are being used when the same attribute applies to multiple entities, most commonly ‘transaction type’, ‘product type’, and ‘organization type’. Therefore, we have added the name of the entity to all refinement filters, so that if you see the filter ‘type’ you will know if it refers to a transaction, a product, or an organization.
Actions AGO-10440 In Actions you can now utilize the transaction currency and organization country to better segment your audiences based upon their transaction behavior.
Actions AGO-10444, AGO-10476 We have added the ability to select multiple calculated content models in a single Actions campaign. In Actions content there exists a distinction between content that is 1:1 customer to content, vs. content that is 1:many customer to content. Only one content model that explodes the result set, that is 1:many, can be added per campaign. Since calculated content models are only 1:1, and do not explode the result set, we are now allowing the user to add multiple calculated content models to a single campaign.
GDPR AGO-10046, AGO-10497, AGO-10505 To prepare with new GDPR regulations AgilOne has developing many behind the scenes features to handle purging or anonymizing the personal data of data subjects. Outside of standard retention policies, purging customer data is brand new to AgilOne. In this release we developed processes to purge data from our Actions, Metrics, and Data Export reporting layers. We also developed processes to mark custom data models as relevant to GDPR purge requests. And we built a user interface that AgilOne Support can utilize to invoke and monitor purge process.
Metrics: Cube Reports AGO-10378 The “Chart Settings” button in Cube Reports was incorrectly showing a ” +” icon. We have now fixed it to correctly show a “gear” icon.
Metrics: Cube Reports AGO-10479 In Cube Reports, charting can now handle column dimensions in the report. Each combination of column dimenionsion value and measure is exposed as “data series” in the Charting Settings dialog. To make the charts readable, users cannot create a chart when 2 or more column dimensions are included in the report.
Metrics: Cube Reports, Template Reports AGO-10357 Reworked the UI for the “Chart Settings” dialog in Cube and Template Reports. The dialog should now be more intuitive, and minimizes the amount of user input needed for creating a chart. The dialog also collects all customizable options for the chart under the “Customize” tab.
Metrics: Cube Reports, Template Reports AGO-10454 Charts can now have customizable colors for each data series. The default color palette has also been improved for better visibility of colors.
Metrics: Cube Reports, Template Reports AGO-10457 Chart axes and value labels will now have number formatting that can be set by the user. We’ve also introduced a setting for min/max axes bounds.
Platform AGO-10469 Introduced a new attribute called “emailHash” in our data model which hashes a customer email address using SHA256. This attribute can be included in the Content step when creating an Actions campaign for external systems to consume.

1805 Release - 2018-02-23

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Metrics, Cube Reports AGO-9955 When removing a measure from a report that had run, a bug caused that measure to still be displayed in the next run of the report. This has been fixed and is working as expected now.
Platform, Data Feeds AGO-10270 We can automatically compute the age of your customers if you do not have that information. If the customer record is missing the age information, we will automatically calculate it based on the birth year, birth month and birth date fields you provide. If the customer record is missing any of the birthdate or birth month (but you still provide the birthyear), those fields will be defaulted to 01 and the age will be computed based on this. If the customer record is missing the age and birthyear data, we will not try to compute the age (it will stay NULL). Note that you should pass EITHER the age (in which case we will not compute anything) OR the birthyear/birthmonth/birthdate, but not both (otherwise we have no way to determine which one takes precedence).
Metrics, Cube Reports AGO-10356 A bug in the filtering functionality was causing the hierarchical dimensions(e.g. Organization Type) to have no filter applied. This has been fixed and everything is back to the expected behavior.
360 Profiles, Actions AGO-10356, AGO-9774 Our real-time capability can now create new customer profiles in real-time from the webtag data. This is particularly helpful to enable you to look at visitors of your website in 360 Profiles in real-time for example.
Actions AGO-9864 We removed the filter “Was sent and email with name” because it was confusing, and duplicated uselessly the filter “Performed an event [emailSend] where message name is”.
Actions AGO-10296 We improved the error messages whenever Audience criteria are not correct. They should be more explicit now.
Actions AGO-10470, AGO-10236 We received a lot of requests to enable filtering on the content you are sending via our Actions campaigns, and we have heard you. We are releasing the ability to filter the content (in the “Content” step of Actions) sent in your campaigns : for instance, if you only want to send the last browsed products that were in the category “Red Shoes”, simply select the “last browsed products” content model, the product attributes you want to send, then click on the “+” to refine the content and build the criteria “where product categories equals to [Red Shoes]”. All recipients will then receive their last browsed products, as long as those products are in the “Red Shoes” category.
Actions AGO-10362 As part of our improvements to Content Models in general (e.g. “refinements” described above), we have released what we call a “Calculated Content Model” to be able to export the total revenue in a given timeframe (configurable). The idea is to offer you a way to have the computations that we already did in the Audience criteria available for export in the Content step (e.g. “select all customers who spent [XYZ] in the last 3 days…then export the amount they actually spent in those last 3 days”). If you are interested, please reach out to your AgilOne team to get this Content Model for your tenant.
Actions AGO-10363 Similar to the above, we also released a new calculated Content Model to be able to export a static value (that you can configure) for all contacts in the campaign. This is especially helpful for cases where you want to send the same content to all recipients of your campaign(e.g. discount code, gift card, etc…). Please reach out to your AgilOne team to get this Content Model for your tenant.
Platform, Euromessage Integration AGO-10387 We updated our EuroMessage connector so that it works with the new LIVE platform from EuroMessage. THe behavior is the same as before, but it now supports connecting to the new platform.

1803 Release - 2018-02-06

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-8481 We added the ability to select dates in the future for all your Actions Audience criteria. This is a new “operator”, similar to “in the last [number of days]” or “before [a certain date]” : we added 2 operators called “in the next [number of days]” and “in the future range [defined y 2 dates]”. You can use it for any date/time data element currently existing in Actions, as well as any data element configured for your tenant (as long as it is a date/time element). This now allows you to send reminder campaigns for all customers who have a subscription about to end, an appointment or event coming up that they should remember, loyalty points about to expire, etc…
Platform, GDPR, Privacy API AGO-10043, AGO-10045, AGO-10048, AGO-10049, AGO-10093, AGO-10142 As we annouced during NRF 2018, we now offer a Privacy API. This is the release that provides this capability. Note that this API is internal for now, due to the complexity of any process that handles data deletions in our platform : if you need to delete certain customer records from our platform, you should send a request to helpdesk@agilone. com with the list of customer IDs that you want deleted. This process will be further documented and publicized in the coming weeks, please reach out to your AgilOne team if you have any questions/concerns or if you simply want to know more about this.
360 Profiles AGO-10322 In 360 Profiles, certain product URLs displayed were not redirecting correctly to your product pages. This has been fixed, so you can now click on those links when reviewing a customer profile’s transactions to be directed to the product he bought.
360 Profiles AGO-10310 Previously, certain date/time displayed in 360 Profiles were not displaying whether they were in the AM or PM : e.g on a profile’s Journey, you would not see whether the events happened in the AM or PM. This has been fixed and is now displayed properly, along with the timezone in which the tenant is configured (the time displayed takes this timezone into account).
360 Profiles AGO-10264 360 Profiles stopped displaying the “donut” charts on the Overivew page of any profiles, supposed to show the transaction organization distribution and the event type distribution. This was due to a bug in the 3rd party component we were using to render those, so we downgraded it to a working version for now, and everything is back to normal.
360 Profiles AGO-10208 We were incorrectly handling product images URL that were provided with HTTPS, resulting in the images not rendering in 360 Profiles when looking at the past purchases of the customer. We fixed this and all images should render properly, based on the URL you provide to AgilOne under the ImageURL field of the Product feed.
Metrics, Dashboards AGO-10087 A minor UI issue was causing the titles of certain charts to have a “dropped shadow” effect, making them unreadable. This is now fixed.
Metrics, Template Reports, Dashboards AGO-9967, AGO-10145 We have added the ability to create multiple visualizations per Template Report grid. This functionality can be accessed by going to the Charts area within Template Reports and adding multiple chart tabs. The user can separately filter on the grid associated with each chart within the same Template Report. We have also enhanced Dashboards to handle multiple visualizations per Template Report.

1753 Release - 2018-01-19

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Actions AGO-10221, AGO-10222, AGO-10089, AGO-9903 Small UI improvements : small typo fixes, removing the “customersummary” refinements (no need to refine customers since the audience rules are already filtering customers) and removing the “refinement” button when not applicable.
360 Profiles AGO-10276 Better handling of large numbers in the UI.
Actions AGO-10102, AGO-10103, AGO-10291 We released a general overhaul of the Actions UI (functionalities are the same), to make it simpler to find what you are looking for. This update changed both the campaign listing page (you can now toggle between the list view and the card view based on your preferences), and the rules and refinements selection pop-up (the categories are now on the left, while the list of rules/refinements under each category is represented as a list of cards on the right).
Platform, Webtag AGO-8120 We improved our web data stitching capabilities. The new version allows us to configure a larger timeframe for stitching together events that happened anonymously in the past, when the customer is eventually identified (a.k.a. “backstitching”) : e.g. if I browsed a product 3 days ago anonymously, then come back today and login (and AgilOne has configured this stitching to allow for 3 days of “backstitching”), AgilOne will tie all of this together in my customer Journey. Notes : this stitching is based on the cookie value, and it already happened so far when events were within 30 minutes of each other (non-configurable). The new capability is the ability to configure this interval for each client (30 minutes will remain the default value). Configuration of this stitching for your tenant can be requested, and will need to be reviewed by our Product team to ensure the trade-offs between performance & added-value are acceptable. Please contact your AgilOne team for more details.

1745 - 1751 Releases & code freeze patches - 2017-11-10 to 2018-01-10

This release is a bit special : it contains all the 1745 release, plus the following patches applied during the 2017 code-freeze due to the holiday season : 1745.1, 1745.2, 1745.3, 1745.4, 1745.5, 1747, 1749, 1751.

Those notes will be updated for any new patch happening before the end of the code freeze.

Area AgilOne JIRA Description of functionality after the fix
Platform, 360 Profiles, Actions, SendGrid integration, SFTP integration AGO-9599, AGO-9743, AGO-9835, AGO-9839, AGO-9841, AGO-9843, AGO-9850, AGO-9851, AGO-9889, AGO-9935, AGO-9873, AGO-9762, AGO-9732, AGO-9628, AGO-9918, AGO-9596, AGO-9600, AGO-9731, AGO-9602, AGO-9870, AGO-9603, AGO-9745, AGO-9598, AGO-9601, AGO-9888, AGO-10196, AGO-10169, AGO-9994, AGO-9957, AGO-9947, AGO-9745, AGO-9731

AgilOne now supports for real-time data flows. As you already know, the webtag data (and any data sent to the underlying Tracker API) gets to our system in real-time. We now added the following functionality (requires a setup for each tenant, please check with your CSM) :

  • 360 Profiles and 360 API : any event or transaction that happens for a known customer will now be displayed/served in real-time by 360 Profiles/360 API. The application will automatically update itself to show those events/transactions as they come under that customer’s profile in 360 Profile.
  • Actions campaigns with SendGrid or SFTP integration : with a small additional setup, certain campaigns in Actions (based on events or transactions) can now be executed as frequently as every 15 minutes. This is interesting in particular for near-real-time campaigns like Abandoned Cart or Follow-up after purchase, etc… Note that this is available only with SendGrid or SFTP execution channels because other channels do not guarantee the immediate loading of the data we would send to them (SLAs are usually around the hour), defeating the purpose of this new capability.
  • Important note : this capability only supports “pass-through” data with very minimal processing (to be as fast as possible). Processing like DQE (deduping, validation, etc..) and computations like “lifetime value” (and any other KPI/metric, including ML models) will not happen as part of this “real-time” flow. They will be executed as usual, during the next regular data flow. In particular, this means that any customer, product, address and message not already processed (e.g. new customers) by AgilOne in the previous batch cannot be displayed/served in real-time.


this capability is in EAP program right now : it will be rolled-out to clients selected for the EAP starting early December 2017, and it is expected to go GA (General Availability) via a scaled roll-out around the end of January 2018 provided that the EAP feedback is good. Please discuss with your CSM if you would like to participate in the roll-out, or if you are generally interested by this feature.

Actions, ML models AGO-8170, AGO-9332, AGO-9115, PROD-1420, AGO-9899, OPS-34932, AGO-9960, AGO-9946, AGO-9921, AGO-9718, AGO-9703, AGO-9653, AGO-8973, AGO-8744 AgilOne now offers a way to send product recommendations in your emails to existing customers (usually referred to as “U2P” for “user to Product”). This is a brand new ML (Machine Learning) model and the associated “Content Model” that was recently developed. It is available in the “Content” step in Actions, under the “Content Model” tab. As usual, you can pick any attribute related to the recommended products to include in your campaign’s content (including attributes configured for your tenant). Note : this capability is in EAP program right now : it is currently rolled-out to clients selected for the EAP, and it is expected to go GA (General Availability) via a scaled roll-out in Q2 2018. Please discuss with your CSM for details about the model itself, the roll-out, or if you are generally interested by this feature and would like to learn more.
Platform, Reports AGO-9744, AGO-9786, AGO-9855, AGO-9780, AGO-10071, AGO-10057, AGO-10056, AGO-9973, AGO-9959, AGO-9944 Launched a new feature for running Interactive SQL Queries that provide direct SQL access to AgilOne’s processed data. The feature is currently in EAP (Early Adopter Program) and slated for a wider release during Q1 2018. Please reach out to your AgilOne CSM to provision the feature for your tenant.
Actions, Triggered campaigns AGO-9926, AGO-9794, AGO-9913, AGO-9914, AGO-9880, AGO-9882, AGO-9883, PROD-1829, AGO-9919

Actions now supports triggered campaigns for any execution channel you have connected to AgilOne (e.g. Facebook, Email, SFTP…), with an easy-to-use UI. There is now a new campaign playbook called “Triggered Campaign”. It introduces a new step after the “setup”, where you can :

  1. Pick the type of trigger you want to use (from the list of events we are tracking for your tenant) : examples include (but are not limited to) “emailSend, emailOpen, emailClick, cartUpdated, productBrowsed, directmailSend, smsOpen, etc…”. This will then be used by the UI to populate the Audience step with a filter that selects customers who “performed the event [event type chosen] in the last [see below for timeframe]”
  2. Pick the frequency at which the campaign should check for new triggers (and therefore be executed) : the frequency can be as frequent as every 4 hours by default (please discuss with your CSM if you would like to leverage higher frequencies). This drives 2 things : the filter that will be prepopulated “performed the event [event type chosen above] in the last [frequency picked in this step]”, and the schedule (“schedule [hourly/daily/etc] every [4h/days]…”).

The rest of the setup is similar to any regular campaign. You will notice that the Audience step has been pre-populated with the event filter described above (and with the relevant values) : feel free to add more filters to create more complex campaigns, or modify that filter as needed. The schedule is also prepopulated, with the same capabilities as before : if you don’t like the schedule, feel free to adapt it to your needs.

Platform, Data Export AGO-10051 In certain corner cases, certain events were missing from the Data Export. This was due to a mismatch between the timestamp used for the incremental Data Export and the timestamp populated by the events (again, only in very specific cases where the standard feeds were being processed while some new events were added and the Data Export had not fully run yet). We changed the incremental data export logic to export all records updated since (last successful data export - 24 hours). It will therefore likely contain an overlap in data, but ensure no records are missed during the export.
Platform, Data Quality Engine AGO-10000 UK clients only : for certain addresses, the data quality component checking the validity of the address was incorrectly marking them as “Certified” simply because they had passed through the certification process (but were not actually certified by Royal Mail). This is now fixed and the results are returned as expected.
Metrics, Reports AGO-9992, AGO-9763 Various fixes on the report email delivery
Metrics, Reports AGO-9939, AGO-9830 Sending reports in email now fully supports the “table” format.
Metrics, Dashboards AGO-9790 Dashboards now resize properly when you resize the window (or change the screen resolution).
Platform, ExactTarget integration AGO-10157 Our data pull connector now support pulling ExactTarget data via either their SFTP or their FTP (previously, only FTP was supported).
Actions AGO-10122, AGO-10068, AGO-10030 We updated our Audience rules and refinements UI to be more visual, easier to read, and easier to find what you are looking for.
360 Profiles AGO-10081 360 Profiles now supports hiding fields if they are not relevant to your business (or empty). Please contact your AgilOne team if you want certain fields to be hidden in your 360 Profiles application.
Platform, EuroMessage integration AGO-10063 EuroMessage changed their API endpoint from “” to “api.”, which broke our integration. We updated our connector and everything is back to its expected state.
360 Profiles AGO-10041 The Identities tab was not sorting the identity cards as it should have (by last modified date). This is now fixed.
360 Profiles AGO-10018 360 Profiles now makes the search field “Source Customer Number” more obvious.
Platform, Data Quality Engine AGO-9877 We are now able to support Turkish postal address validation via Melissa Data (the same service we are using for US, Canadian and UK addresses). See the list of supported countries for more details.
Actions AGO-9894 Actions now has lookups enabled for the refinements “Message Name” and “Message Subject” (under the “Performed an event with message” audience rule). This will allow you to easily select the right message to refine your audience rules, by seeing directly a list of messages that match your criterion.
Actions AGO-9866, AGO-9865

We moved the audience rule “Performed an activity with message” under the folder “Event Activity” and renamed it “Performed an event with message” instead for clarity.

In the same spirit, we renamed the filter “Were included in a campaign” to “Were included in an AgilOne campaign” to make it clearer that it is looking at campaigns executed in Actions only (no ESP data is used in this filter).

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error-free. If you encounter any errors, contact Acquia Support.