Acquia CDP

Input Connectors

With the Input Connectors feature, you can manage integrations and become up-to-date on your upcoming source systems.

You can:

  • Monitor upstream integrations: Monitor upstream integrations to view integration details, including present and past activities.


The following are the features of input connectors:

  • View connector details: View connector details of the Batch input connectors and track past activities and performance.
  • Timestamps: View timestamps for data inputs to get information on when the system receives and processes data.
  • Current status: View real-time status of data inputs.
  • Schedules: View schedules for input connectors to manage data feeds.
  • Monitoring display: View the Batch and Real-Time input connectors associated with internal or external instances.
    • Batch: These connectors are scheduled to ingest data from SFTP sources at regular intervals.
    • Real-Time: These connectors ingest data continuously by APIs.

Use cases

The following are the use cases of input connectors:

  • Tabs monitoring overview: Use the Batch and Real-Time tabs to view alert notifications and the number of failed connectors. To view the connectors with Failed status, click the applicable tab.
  • Monitor and view upstream batch data and real-time inputs: Check the status of data inputs and view the connector details, timestamps, and current status of each input connector. You can distinguish between real-time and scheduled data.
  • Detailed upstream ingestion view: View connector ingestion details.