Acquia CDP

Supported browsers

The following table categorizes different browsers based on how they work for CDP applications:

PreferredGoogle ChromeAcquia recommends this as the preferred browser to use for CDP applications. To take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and performance improvements, ensure that you use its current stable version.
CompatibleMozilla Firefox 
Apple Safari 
Microsoft Edge
These browsers might work for CDP applications. However, Acquia does not include them as part of CDP’s development and testing cycle. Therefore, some features might not work optimally in these browsers, and Acquia may not be able to provide full support in case of any issues.
UnsupportedInternet ExplorerThis browser is unlikely to work for CDP applications because it is deprecated by Microsoft.

Before using the logging portal, ensure that you disable any ad-blockers in your browser settings, as they can interfere with the proper functioning of applications and might cause unexpected issues or errors.