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Troubleshooting Customer Data Platform

This page provides troubleshooting informaton for common issues related to Acquia Customer Data Platform.

Abandoned cart


  • I added a product to my cart X weeks ago but didn’t buy it. Why does it appear in my current cart?
  • I added something to my cart and didn’t buy it. Why can’t I see it in the abandoned cart email?


The abandoned cart model includes all the products added to a customer’s cart after the most recent transaction.


Abandoned cart campaigns should be built using the following criteria: “INCLUDE (Abandoned a cart <in the timeframe you need>); EXCLUDE (Placed a transaction <in the same timeframe> OR Performed an event <checkout> <in the same timeframe>)”.

Use this criteria to avoid missing use cases where a mastercustomer has N child contacts and abandoned a product in one child contact. However, another child contact bought it later, either online or offline.