Acquia DAM

Accessing the Acquia DAM Classic home page

Top navigation bar

After you log in to the home page, you can access the following features on the top navigation bar:


As a digital asset management solution, Acquia DAM Classic allows you to upload, manage, and use your collected assets. For more information, see Assets.


Acquia DAM Classic Brand Connect is an add-on feature that extends the core Acquia DAM Classic functionality. This centralizes the approved content with adaptable brand guidelines and distribution controls. For more information, see Brands.


Users of Acquia DAM Classic require different levels of access to your stored assets. You can control access through the use of roles that can be assigned to individual users or group of users with similar needs. For more information, see Teams.


You can view reports that display your Acquia DAM Classic users and the actions taken by such users. Reports provide the data you need to optimize your investment and your assets. For more information, see Reports.


The settings drop-down menu allows administrators to configure their system preferences, Brand Connect, and metadata.

Account profile

The account profile drop-down menu contains all the configuration for the current user’s account.

Left navigation bar

The left navigation bar allows you to perform basic and advanced search, and navigate through the folders that contain the DAM’s assets.


These folders represent the hierarchy and groupings that have been created within the DAM to contain assets. For more information, see Folders.