Acquia DAM

Lightboxes in Brand Connect

You can use lightboxes to add assets from multiple folders to one central location. This is useful for circumstances like:

  • You can add images and text documents for different products to a lightbox so you can email your agency a link to download all the items.

  • You’re choosing which images to use for a new product brochure and need feedback from your manager. Once the images are added to the lightbox, you can invite your manager to collaborate and comment on the selections.

  • You often need to provide referenceable customers, so you create a lightbox of customer logos for easy access and sharing.

Create a lightbox

To create a lightbox:

  1. Sign in to Acquia DAM Classic.

  2. Click Brands in the top menu.

  3. Point your mouse to the icon for the Brand Portal you want to create the lightbox for, and click Edit.

  4. Click View in the top navigation.

  5. Click the lightbox icon in the top navigation.

  6. Click Create new lightbox.

  7. Enter the Name (required), Project, and Description.

  8. Click Save.

Add or remove assets from a Lightbox

There are two ways to add assets to a lightbox:

  • Hover over the asset you want to add and click the lightbox icon on the asset thumbnail.

  • Select the asset(s) you want to add (for multiple assets, hold down the Ctrl key on a PC or the Command key on a Mac) and then click Add to Lightbox on the actions toolbar.

To remove assets from a lightbox:

  • Click the check icon on the thumbnail to remove assets from your active lightbox.

  • From the lightbox view, select the asset(s) you want to remove (for multiple assets, hold down the Ctrl key on a PC or the Command key on a Mac), click Lightbox actions and then click Remove Assets.

Comment or collaborate in a lightbox

You can invite other users to add comments and modify a lightbox.

To collaborate in a lightbox:

  1. In the lightbox view, click the number in the left column next to Collaborators.

  2. Enter the Email address(es) and a message (optional).

  3. If you want the recipients to be able to modify the lightbox, select the checkbox for These users can modify. This gives recipients permission to edit lightbox information and add and remove assets.

  4. Click Share.

If you only want comments for your lightbox or its assets:

  • Lightbox comment: Add the comment in the Add your comment box in the left column of the lightbox view.

  • Asset comment: In the lightbox view, click the asset and write your comment in the Type your comment field in the right column. Assets with comments will display a talk bubble icon showing the number of comments. These comments will only be visible to collaborators added to the lightbox.

By default, users will receive an in-system notification and email when a collaborator comments or modifies a lightbox because they will be watching it.