Acquia DAM

Configuring the brand portal homepage

You change the look of your brand portal homepage, including adding and editing elements.

  1. Sign in to Acquia DAM as an administrator.

  2. Click Brands in the top navigation.

  3. Click the brand you want to configure.

  4. In the top navigation, click Appearance > Homepage.

Configure elements

Now you’re ready to configure. The elements are on the left:


A folder must contain at least one image in order for it to display on the homepage. The assets contained in this folder will be visible to all users that can view your Brand Connect portal, but only users with permissions can download them. To add a folder to your homepage:

  1. Drag the folder icon to the homepage.

  2. Select the asset folder you’d like to add.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. On the Select Folder Cover Images page, choose up to four images to display on the cover. Click Insert.

  5. To reposition or zoom in or out on an image within the current frame, click the Reposition icon in the image. Click the Check icon to save changes or the Cancel icon to exit without saving changes. Use the slider along the bottom edge of the image to zoom in or out.

  6. To move an image to a different frame, click the Move icon and drag the image to the desired frame.

  7. To edit the display name of the folder, select the text displayed in the top of the image editor, and enter the desired name. By default, the folder name is set as the display name.

  8. When you’ve completed your adjustments, click Preview to preview your changes or Publish to push your changes live.

A short message will appear stating your homepage changes have been published.

Other page elements

You can add the following additional elements to your homepage:

  • Brand Guidelines: Drag and drop the Brand guidelines element to display your brand guidelines on the homepage.

  • Description: Drag and drop the Description element to display text on the homepage.

  • Filled Description: Drag and drop the Filled description element to display text on a copy block on the homepage.

  • HTML: Drag and drop the HTML element to insert HTML and CSS, such as YouTube link, on the homepage.

  • Search: You can also use the HTML element to add a search box on the homepage. After dragging the HTML element onto the homepage, copy and paste the following text into the element:


Adjusting elements

There are various operations available for adjusting page elements:

  • Resize - Click the Resize icon to change the size of the element.

  • Move - Click and drag the Move icon to change the order of the element.

  • Edit - Click the Edit icon to add or replace the assets in image, folder, or lightbox elements.

  • Delete - Click the Delete icon to delete an element.