Acquia DAM

Configure Your Brand Connect Settings

Brand Connect has a number of settings that control the user’s profile and account.

The available profile settings are:

Accessing your account settings

To make any changes to your account:

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. In the top right-hand corner, click your username, and click Brand Portal.

  3. In the Brand Portal, select the user icon, and then click My profile.

  4. Make your changes in the appropriate dialog.

  5. When finished, click Save.

Account Information

When you select My profile, you can edit your personal information in this dialog:

  • Add a Profile photo

  • Change your password

  • Set the Default Destination: This directs you to the specified platform (Acquia DAM Classic, Brand Connect, Workstream) when you sign in to your account. By selecting Default, you will be signed in to whichever platform is attached to the URL you’re visiting.

  • Edit your personal user information

Notification settings

Select or deselect the checkboxes to choose the events which send emails and alerts to you. These may be set for assets and lightboxes.

Alerts are available for when:

  • An asset is created

  • An asset is moved

  • An asset is deleted

  • A new version is created

  • An asset expires

  • An asset is modified

  • A comment is added

  • An asset is liked

  • A lightbox is updated

Once you’ve selected the types of notifications you’d like to receive, watch items to receive your selected notifications.

  1. Select the lightbox, folder or asset.

  2. Click the Watch icon to watch an item, click it again to stop watching.

You may set default behaviors for watching assets:

  • I uploaded them

  • I downloaded them

  • Watch all assets

Download History

The download history shows which assets you have previously downloaded, including Download ID, Number of assets, and Download Date.

Address Book

Add the email addresses of people you frequently share assets with.

Region and Language settings

Set your region and timezone here, or select Auto to detect these settings from your browser.

Available settings:

  • Timezone

  • Language

  • Time format

  • Short date format

  • Long date format

  • Week starts on