Acquia DAM

Acquia DAM Classic Workstream

Acquia DAM Classic Workstream is an add-on feature that aligns people, tasks, and approvals, allowing your creative team to produce great results without wasted effort.

Workstream is designed to enhance the creative workflow, meaning that it focuses on assets, adapts to the way your team works, automates approval paths, and makes reviews and markups simple for both designers and non-designers.

Using Workstream with your team provides the following benefits:

  • Adaptable processes – Build creative project management processes by adding the steps that you need to get work done quickly, and removing the steps that slow you down.

  • System of record – Document every part of a project from initiation to reviews through completion, allowing you to review projects and optimize your processes.

  • Collaboration tools – Maintain focus on the task at hand by centering conversations around each project and assignment.

  • Automated approvals – Streamline and expedite the creative workflow review process with multi-tiered approval routing, which helps you keep projects moving toward completion.

  • Precision proofing – Mark up any file type—even video—to provide clear, actionable feedback that removes confusion from the project management review process.

  • Real-time notifications – With real-time creative workflow alerts and notifications, you can identify obstacles early and avoid the last-minute changes that cause teams to miss deadlines.

  • Configurable creative briefs – Use the Workstream drag-and-drop builder to configure creative briefs that gather requirements specific to the task at hand.

Obtaining Workstream

Please contact your Acquia Account Manager.

Getting started with Workstream

For information about accessing and configuring Workstream for your team, see the getting started guide.