Acquia DAM

Adding request forms to Brand Connect

Adding Request Forms to Brand Connect allows non-Workstream users to submit requests. To do this, the form must be published to and made available in a Brand Connect portal. See Request forms for more information on how to create them.

Publish the Request Form to Brand Connect

  1. Log in to Workstream and click Manage on the secondary navigation.

  2. Click Request Forms.

  3. Select the request form that you want to edit or click +New Form in the upper right-hand corner to create a new form template. Read more about creating request forms.

  4. Click Settings in the left-hand panel.

  5. Who can submit: By default, all Logged In user groups will have access to the request form.

    • To add groups: start typing the name of the group that should submit this form and click it when it appears in the list. Add all groups that should have access to this request form.

    • To remove groups: Hover your mouse over the group name and click the x icon.

  6. Publish to Brand Portal: To allow non-Workstream users to complete request forms, the form must be published to a Brand Connect portal.

    • Toggle the slider to the right to make the form available on the desired brand portal(s).


You must publish the form for it to display on the selected brand portal(s).

Add Request Forms to the Brand Connect navigation

  1. Log in to Acquia DAM Classic.

  2. Click Brands in the top navigation, hover your mouse pointer over the Brand Connect portal you want to configure, and select Edit.

  3. Click Navigation in the top navigation.

  4. Click Add and then select Workstream Requests.

Once the request forms have been added to the Brand Connect navigation, you can do the following:

  • Edit Instructions: You can edit the request form instructions by hovering your mouse over the title and clicking the Pencil icon.

    • Click into the field containing the phrase Submit a new request below (these are the default instructions that will display on the form if no changes are made) and enter new instructions for users.

    • When you’re done entering instructions, click Save.

  • Re-order: You can change the order of the Brand Connect navigation by hovering over the title then dragging the grab arrows to reorder.

  • Remove: You can remove request forms from the navigation by hovering your mouse over the title and then clicking the Trashcan icon – this will not delete the form from Workstream, but it will just be removed from the Brand Connect navigation.

Submit a Request Form from Brand Connect

Non-workstream users can submit request forms in Brand Connect. A submitted request form will create task in Workstream.


Workstream users can submit request forms in Workstream.

  1. Log in to Brand Connect.

  2. Click Requests on the top navigation.

  3. Click the (+) Plus icon under the request form that you’d like to complete. Only request forms that a user has permission to view will be displayed.

  4. Complete the form and click Save for Later to save a draft, or click Submit to create a new task.