Acquia DAM

Setting asset download rules

This feature is available only to Acquia DAM Classic Professional subscribers.

Download Rules give Acquia DAM Classic admins control over which assets are downloadable by configuring rules based on metadata, download-request form responses, and groups of users. This makes it easy for approved users to access assets, and keeps restricted assets out of the hands of unapproved users.

Viewing download rules

  1. Sign in to Acquia DAM Classic.

  2. Click the gear icon in the top navigation panel, and then click System Preferences.

  3. Click Download Rules in the left panel.

Create a Download Rule

  1. Click settings underneath the top navigation panel.

  2. Create a name for your rule.

  3. Select in the rule conditions from the menus. Be sure to select from left to right, as menu options will change based on previous selections.

  4. You can create multiple conditions for the rule using the following options:

    • OR - Make the rule apply to more criteria

    • AND - Make the rule apply to fewer criteria

  5. To remove a condition, point to the condition’s menus, and then click the trashcan icon to the right of the menus.

  6. Select the rule action under Run this action.

  7. Click Save.

Edit download rules

  • Drag and drop rules by the icon to change the hierarchy of rules.

  • Click the icon under Actions to edit or delete a rule.

Additional information on download rules

  • Rules are applied in order from top to bottom.

  • Once conditions in a rule are met and the rule is applied, all subsequent rules are ignored.

  • If no rules apply, the group and folder download permissions will be used.

Example download rules

Let’s say that you have a folder with images from a photo shoot. These may be downloaded freely except for two images featuring a particular person. These two images require approval prior to download.

A download rule makes this possible. First, you will must distinguish which assets require approval from those that may be freely downloaded. You may manage this through a metadata field. In this case, we have created a metadata field called Download Rules and tagged the two restricted images with Requires Approval and the rest of the images with May Be Downloaded.

Here’s what the download rule could look like:

Let’s change the scenario a bit: now the two restricted images may be downloaded and used for editorial purposes only by the Superfly Employees group. If a user from this group needs to download it for anything other than editorial purposes, they must still get approval.

You can set up this approval process by asking how the asset will be used in a Download Request form. After creating a custom field titled How will this asset be used, you may give the user the option to choose Editorial, Marketing, or Other. See Creating custom fields and forms for more information.

Using the previous scenario, let’s say that the Agency group may not download the two restricted assets at all, regardless of their response on the download-request form.