Acquia DAM

Modifying images and videos

The Acquia DAM Classic crop tool makes it easy to crop and resize images – and works in tandem with the conversion options to change file type, resolution and color space – without moving the image from Acquia DAM Classic.

Additionally, you can also create video clips. Choose any video and create a snippet or clip of the section you want.

Crop Tool

The Acquia DAM Classic crop tool works with JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP formats. Admins can configure which groups have the ability to crop.

First, open the crop tool:

  1. Click an image. Click the Download button in the actions toolbar.

  2. Add preset effects using the Desired preset dropdown menu.

  3. In the download option window, hover over the image and click the Crop icon in the top-right corner. You may have to first click Show Preview, if you had created a custom preset.

Next, select the crop area:

  1. Adjust the crop frame by clicking and holding on any of the blue anchor points. The width and height numbers will adjust automatically.

  2. Zoom in on the image by clicking (+). Zoom out by clicking (-).

  3. Adjust the size of the crop frame while maintaining the aspect ratio (the proportional relationship between width and height) static by clicking the Lock icon.

  4. Return the crop frame to the entire image by clicking the Reset button.

Finally, download the cropped image:

  • Once you’re finished adjusting the image, click the Submit button.

  • Click Accept on the terms window, if applicable.

  • Your download will begin automatically.

Video Clip Tool

This feature is currently only available in Acquia DAM Classic. To create a video clip, first open the clipping tool:

  1. Click a video. Click the Download button in the actions toolbar. The selected video must be a supported file type.

  2. In the download option window, hover over the video and click in the top-right corner.

To create a clip:

To choose the length of your desired clip, either:

  1. Drag the time markers to the desired start and end points, or

  2. Specify the length of the desired clip in timestamp window. This will create a transparent window that you can drag to any point in the video-frame preview pane.

Use the Preview button to view your selected clip. Should you want to adjust your selection, either move the start/stop time markers, move the entire selection window or press reset to start over completely.

To download a clip:

  1. Once you have your desired clip, click Submit and accept the Terms & Conditions (if applicable) to download.

    Your download will begin automatically.