Acquia DAM

Linking assets to other assets

The Related Assets tool enables admins and contributors to link assets together—meaning that if you’re viewing an asset, previews of its related assets will appear in the right panel. (Those previews will not appear if the user doesn’t have permissions for the asset.)

To relate one asset to many assets:

  1. Sign in to Acquia DAM Classic.

  2. Select the asset you would like to relate to others.

  3. From the right navigation panel, click Add Related.

  4. The Asset Chooser allows you to navigate to any folder in your Acquia DAM Classic account and view the assets within. Click the assets you want to relate to your previously selected asset.

  5. Click Save when finished.

To relate several assets to each other:

  1. From the Thumbnail View, hold down the Control (PC) or Command (Mac) key and select the assets that will relate to each other. (To select a range of assets, select the first asset in the set, hold down SHIFT and select the last asset in the set.)

  2. Click the Edit icon on the actions toolbar.

  3. Choose Relate X Assets.

Unlinking assets from other assets

  1. Select the asset you want to unlink.

  2. From the right navigation panel, click Add Related.

  3. Across the bottom of the Asset Chooser panel, remove related assets by clicking the X in the upper-right corner of the asset.