Acquia DAM

Acquia DAM Classic Drupal integration

With the Acquia DAM Connector for Drupal, you can sync your digital assets with your Drupal website, and seamlessly use content from your Acquia DAM Classic instance within all the websites you maintain.


For Drupal 7 websites, download the Acquia DAM Connector for Drupal 7 or view the documentation.

The Acquia DAM Connector module uses media entities to embed the local copies of assets within Drupal that are kept in sync with Acquia DAM Classic.

The following are the basic steps:

  1. Add or update the Acquia DAM Connector module.

  2. Configure connection to DAM.

  3. Build media entities.

  4. Configure entity browser(s).

  5. Add entity reference field(s).

  6. Create content with media from DAM.


The Acquia Connector module is designed to work with the contributed Entity Browser module and not with the core Media Library module.

While you can use Media Library on sites for local media management, you cannot currently use the Media Library to browse and synchronize assets from Acquia DAM Classic.

Adding the module to the codebase with Composer

You can add the Acquia Connector module to the codebase with composer. Composer requires drupal/media_acquiadam.

Installing new module

Media: Acquia DAM module must be installed. Acquia recommends that you enable the Media Acquia DAM Example module that is included as a sub module of the Media Acquia DAM module. The example module contains a sampling of Drupal configuration for several media entities. Ensure that you review the resulting configuration to determine if it’s appropriate for your build.

After the installation, configure the Media Acquia DAM module to connect to your Acquia DAM Classic instance.