Acquia DAM

Integration: Hootsuite

Click, post, done! The Acquia DAM Classic plug-in for Hootsuite creates a seamless connection between Acquia DAM Classic and Hootsuite. In seconds, you can pull engaging images from your DAM directly into your posts and share it with followers across your social channels.

To install and use the Acquia DAM Classic plug-in with Hootsuite, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Hootsuite.

  2. Click the app directory icon.

  3. Search for Acquia DAM Classic, and then click Install App.

  4. After clicking Finish, you will be prompted to enter your company’s Acquia DAM Classic domain.


    Some organizations may require additional authentication, such as your individual sign-in credentials. Follow the displayed prompts to connect Acquia DAM Classic.

  5. After installation, click the publisher icon. Under Content Sources, click Acquia DAM to access your Acquia DAM Classic library.

  6. Select one or more images that you want to include in your post. If selecting multiple images, they must be in the same folder — selections reset when you change folders.


    Only image files are available using the Acquia DAM Classic plug-in for Hootsuite.

  7. After selection, the images you have chosen will appear in the Compose window. Compose your message as normal, and then post to your selected channels.