Acquia DAM

Integration: Shutterstock

Acquia DAM Classic supports two types of integrations with Shutterstock. Acquia DAM Classic users can use the Shutterstock Search integration to expand their asset searches to the vast Shutterstock library. Shutterstock Premier customers can use the integration to have their Shutterstock assets automatically synced to their Acquia DAM Classic library.

For example, if you’re looking for photos or video depicting active lifestyles and wish to expand your search beyond your DAM, you can easily toggle to the Shutterstock results and pull results from their database.

The Shutterstock search feature is available for admins, contributors and regular users. It must first be enabled by your admin before using.

Enabling the integration

The information in this section applies only to users that have Admin role type permissions.

  1. Sign in to Acquia DAM Classic.

  2. Click the settings icon in the top navigation, and then click System Preferences.

  3. In the Search section, select the Enable Shutterstock search results checkbox.

  4. Click Save.

Disable or re-enable the Shutterstock Search feature

  1. Log in to Acquia DAM Classic.

  2. Choose Add-on Settings from the Account.

  3. From the Extras tab, uncheck/check the Enable Shutterstock Search according to your preference.

  4. Click Done.

Using Shutterstock Search feature

If the Shutterstock Search feature is enabled, there will be a second tab with Shutterstock Results when you search.

To download one of the Shutterstock assets, click the asset and then click Download in the Asset Details Panel. You will need to log in to Shutterstock to complete the download.

Shutterstock Premier Sync

Shutterstock Premier Sync is available to any Shutterstock Premier customer. With this integration enabled, any assets you purchase in Shutterstock can automatically be synced to your Acquia DAM Classic library.

To enable sync with Shutterstock premier, contact Acquia support . The Acquia DAM Classic implementation team will work with your Shutterstock account rep to configure the integration.

Shutterstock Premier sync frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take for assets to sync? Sync should be complete in 15–20 minutes, although thumbnail images and metadata processing may take a bit longer.

  • Where will synced assets be stored? All assets will be synced to the Premier Content folder. Sync will pull content from your Download History in Shutterstock; images, creative and footage can all be imported. Both licensed and comp assets can be synced, although, based on the nature of comps, we typically do not recommend clients sync them into Acquia DAM Classic. Please contact Acquia support to decide what is best for your workflow and business needs.

  • If I have multiple accounts, do I have to sync all of them? No, you can choose which accounts to sync to Acquia DAM Classic. There is no limit to the number of Premier accounts you can sync to your Acquia DAM Classic account.

  • If multiple Premier accounts contain duplicate assets, will the assets be de-duplicated? Duplicate assets are handled based on the transaction type. Duplicate comp assets will not be synced to your Premier Content folder. Duplicate licensed assets will be synced, replacing the current version and creating multiple replications of the asset.

  • Are there restrictions on the size or file types that can be synced? There are no restrictions on the size of files that can be synced. Editorial, music and Offset assets cannot be synced.

  • Will asset metadata also be synced? Yes, metadata will be embedded for images and videos. This includes the standard fields, Rights Usage Terms and the four custom metadata fields that can be configured within Shutterstock Premier. The custom fields map to custom fields 17–20 in Acquia DAM.