Acquia DAM

Integration: Wistia

If you have a Wistia subscription, you can use Acquia DAM Classic as the central repository and distribution website for your media assets, while leveraging Wistia’s advanced video playback features and usage analytics when displaying your content to your users.


The Custom field 16 field in Acquia DAM Classic is used for the Wistia Hashed IDs, and should not be edited. Acquia recommends leaving this metadata field marked as Inactive. (Read more about configuring the metadata schema.)

Enabling the integration

The information in this section applies only to users that have Admin role type permissions.

Complete the following steps to enable the Wistia integration:

  1. Sign in to Acquia DAM.

  2. Click the Settings icon, and then click System Preferences.

  3. In the Cloud Sharing Settings section, click the Cloud sharing channels field, and then click Wistia.

  4. Enter the Wistia client ID and client secret. If you do not know your Wistia client ID and secret, contact your Wistia admin.

  5. Click Save.

Publishing videos

Users with download permission in Acquia DAM Classic (admins, contributors and regular users) can publish their videos to Wistia by completing the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Acquia DAM.

  2. Navigate to and select a video asset.

  3. Click the Share icon, and then click Wistia.

  4. In the dialog box, click Add Integration, and then sign in with your Wistia credentials.

  5. Authorize the Acquia DAM Classic application.

  6. Select the target location in Wistia or create a new project, if desired.

  7. Click Send.

The time needed to upload the video to Wistia and process it may vary depending on the file size. After uploading and processing are complete, the Wistia video player will replace the standard Acquia DAM video player.