Acquia DAM

Known issues in Acquia DAM Classic

If you encounter any difficulties with your Acquia DAM Classic subscription, contact Acquia Support for help.

Acquia DAM Classic issues

Authentication issue with the Google Chrome browser using Acquia DAM Classic login credentials

The changes made by Google Chrome are impacting DAM Classic users from authenticating to access files through the Drupal entity browser.

To use the Embedded Media browser for automatic authentication to DAM, you must use https on your site. However, in certain cases such as Acquia DAM Classic SSO customers, you must disable the Embedded Media browser and authenticate outside the modal.

To disable this functionality:

  1. Go to the DAM configuration page: /admin/config/media/acquiadam.

  2. In Acquia DAM Classic Entity Browser settings, select the Disable SameSite Cookie Bypass checkbox.

Workaround: Instead of directly selecting the Embedded Media browser, authenticate through the user profile page link. If your site uses http or disables SameSite cookie policies, you are redirected to your user page. After you’re authenticated, you can access the Embedded Media browser. The authentication issue does not occur with Firefox.

The authentication works correctly with Chrome 87.0.4280.88 (official version) (x86_64), but not with Chrome 90.0.4430.93 (official version) (x86_64).

The Hide facets initially option doesn’t work

The Hide facets initially option in Brand Portal doesn’t work as expected as the facets are hidden even if the option is not selected. For more information, see Searching in Brand Connect.


To view facets, users must click the facets drop-down.

Disk space issues when using both Acquia Content Hub and Acquia DAM Classic

If you have image resources stored in Acquia DAM Classic which are then served by Acquia Content Hub, frequent file revisions in Acquia DAM Classic may cause excessive disk storage use.

The account used to create the Acquia DAM Classic account must have admin permission

Acquia DAM Classic requires an account with administrative permissions during setup. Acquia DAM Classic assets are unavailable if this account is removed or loses its administrative permissions.

Revisionable DAM Classic Media entities referencing wrong files prior to version 8.x-1.40

If you see the wrong file on revisionable Media entities synced from Acquia DAM Classic and have used the module with versions prior to 8.x-1.40, update the media_acquiadam module to the latest version and contact your TAM or Acquia Support to have the issue fixed.