Acquia DAM

2019 Release notes - DAM Classic

This webpage describes the updates Acquia made to Acquia DAM in 2019. For the latest updates, see Release notes.

Acquia DAM - August 16, 2019

  • Fix Entity browser filtering returned too many values due to an issue with the API endpoint.

Acquia DAM - May 29, 2019

  • Fix Some users could not successfully sign in when selecting Acquia DAM from the Acquia Cloud user interface.

Acquia DAM - August 23, 2018

  • Feature You can add, remove, and re-order columns in project and task list views to suit your workflow.

  • Feature You can export project or task list information in a downloadable csv file for use in other external tools.

  • Change Improved loading of asset details.

  • Change Improved user experience when working with large folders.

  • Fix Adding a team to an approval path did not work correctly.

  • Fix Several issues when publishing were resolved.

  • Fix When the IPTC Headline field was enabled, searching for filenames returned no assets.

  • Fix When attempting to view an asset, the IPTC Headline field was not displayed.

  • Fix The IPTC Headline field could not be updated from the user interface.

Acquia DAM - August 9, 2018

  • Change Improved error messaging when signing in as an inactive user.

  • Change In Workstream, when viewing an asset with the asset viewer, you can add and view different versions of an asset.

  • Fix Workstream: When tagging a user as a watcher or in a comment, accurate results were not returned.

  • Fix Scrolling issues when viewing pages in Apple Safari were resolved.

Acquia DAM - July 26, 2018

  • Change SAML traffic now enforces SSL.

  • Change Only asset types that support rotation now display the rotation user interface.

  • Change Improved the clarity of confirmation email messages.

  • Change Improved handling and conversion of tiff files.

  • Change Improved management of pdf files in Acquia DAM and Workstream.

  • Fix An authentication issue with SFTP uploads was resolved.

  • Fix Proofs were not generated correctly for assets not included in a task.

  • Fix With pdf files, embed links sized at 550 pixels were not being generated correctly.

  • Fix With pdf files, colors were rendered differently in Acquia DAM than other software.

  • Fix Resolved an issue resizing tiff files with a transparency layer.

  • Fix Resolved an issue with scheduled asset publishing.

Acquia DAM - July 12, 2018

  • Change Notification history displays up to 30 days of notifications and there is no longer a defined limit to the number of notifications displayed.

  • Change Workstream: New asset viewer.

  • Change Workstream: Submitted information in tasks can now be edited.

  • Fix Workstream: When loading data only one loading icon is now displayed.

  • Fix Conversion issues when working with psd files were resolved.

  • Fix The My Watched Tasks filter did not always return accurate results.

  • Fix The Like button did not function properly on lightboxes.

Acquia DAM - June 28, 2018

  • Change When downloading an Adobe raw file, associated keywords are now embedded in the file.

  • Change When adding a new folder, the folder hierarchy no longer collapses in the user interface.

  • Change Naming logic when duplicating a form has been improved.

  • Change Color picker behavior for task statuses has been improved.

  • Fix Workstream: Duplicate loading icons are no longer displayed.

  • Fix The Like button did not work on lightboxes.

  • Fix The My Watched Tasks filter did not always return accurate results.

  • Fix In task comments, it was not possible to untag the first tagged user.

  • Fix When using a jpg preset to download an image format that uses an alpha channel, a black background is no longer added to the transparent areas.

Acquia DAM Connector 8.x-1.32 - June 19, 2018

Media: Acquia DAM module 8.x-1.32 (download)

  • Fix In some instances, an error prevented successful installation of the connector.

  • Fix Thumbnail generation did not work consistently.

  • Fix When choosing the Original size option for an image, its thumbnail was used instead.

Acquia DAM - June 19, 2018

  • Change Improved search functionality.

  • Change The time-to-live (TTL) for downloading an original image can be adjusted using the API.

  • Change Workstream: More in-app notifications can now be loaded.

  • Fix Assets could not be added to a task after editing the task’s due date or status.

  • Fix Fixed an issue in Internet Explorer that prevented commenting.

  • Fix Delayed processing of video files was resolved.

  • Fix Resolved an issue where the audit log was missing rows.

Acquia DAM - May 31, 2018

  • Change Workstream: Calendar now displays an increased number of tasks.

  • Change When converting EPS files, Acquia DAM now uses your configured presets.

  • Fix A dynamic template is no longer displayed once it has expired.

  • Fix An asset expiration email was not always delivered to the recipient.

  • Fix A permissions issue affecting the cropping tool was resolved.

  • Fix The video asset count was not always accurate.

  • Fix An issue navigating to brand portal from the main UI was fixed.

Acquia DAM - May 3, 2018

  • Change The IPTC headline field now displays additional characters in the headline.

  • Change The cropping tool now additionally supports .tif and .tiff files.

  • Change Behavioral consistency triggering a download has been improved.

  • Change Password reset functionality was improved.

  • Fix In some situations, image previews overlapped.

  • Fix An issue was resolved downloading .ppt files.

  • Fix A .png file was offered in the CMYK colorspace, when that format does not support CMYK.

  • Fix When downloading a video preset using Google Chrome, an error condition occurred if the filename included both a space and a comma.

  • Fix Color rendering did not always work with Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Fix When entering return in a field, the cursor would move to the beginning of the entry field.

  • Fix Resolved discrepancies with the launch date between user roles.

  • Fix When tagging a user in a comment through the guest asset viewer, Acquia DAM displayed an error message.

  • Fix Workstream: Resolved duplicate in-application notifications to task requester.

Acquia DAM - April 26, 2018

  • Change The dynamic templates folder can now be renamed and moved in the folder hierarchy.

  • Change Brand portal search is improved.

  • Change The Acquia DAM interface was improved to make it easier to avoid implementation issues.

  • Change Workstream: Request Form settings now includes auto notification and auto assignee options.

  • Fix Users could not sort audit logs at the folder level.

  • Fix When generating reports, the start and end dates were not always working.

  • Fix Approval paths did not work consistently with email addresses.

  • Fix Issue resolved regarding downloading versioned assets that lack a preview image.

  • Fix Issue resolved regarding saving metadata for large batches of assets.

  • Fix Workstream: Issue resolved regarding intermittent comment tagging behavior.

  • Fix Workstream: Issue resolved regarding project list UX.

Acquia DAM Connector 8.x-1.31 - April 17, 2018

Media: Acquia DAM module 8.x-1.31 (download)

  • Feature Supports Drupal 8.5.1.

Acquia DAM - April 5, 2018

  • Change A new configuration setting is included in the user profile: Allow support to access your account for troubleshooting purposes

  • Change The publishing interface now displays a mixed switch for a portal, if folders nested in a parent folder have a mixture of published and unpublished statuses.

  • Change Project names are now included in task notification emails.

  • Change Workstream: Request forms now use the term Activate instead of Publish. An activated form is available for use.

  • Change Workstream: The email that Acquia DAM sends whenever tasks have been received now includes the information submitted by a user in the Workstream request form.

  • Fix In some instances, Acquia DAM displayed the settings menu several times.

  • Fix The Uploaded by metadata field was not being displayed.

  • Fix Several issues regarding publishing were resolved.

  • Fix Occasionally when using proofing, Acquia DAM displayed a HTTP 500 status code error.

  • Fix In certain situations, multiple approvals were displayed for an asset.

  • Fix Brand Connect: Occasionally, faceted search did not work.

  • Fix Workstream: An issue with translations was resolved.

Acquia DAM - March 8, 2018

  • Change Improved user experience when publishing subsections of a brand guideline.

  • Change Added native support for M4A audio files.

  • Change Improved performance for Brand Connect portals with over 100,000 published assets.

  • Change Workstream: Approvals now support an optional default path.

  • Change Workstream: Approval warnings may have a custom time frame.

  • Change Workstream: The API now offers high resolution RAW URLs.

  • Change Workstream: Easier selection of future dates in the calendar.

  • Change Workstream: Comments within tasks can now tag other users using @ and the username.

  • Fix The user was not notified when publishing a subsection inside of an unpublished parent section.

  • Fix When approving an asset, comments were not correctly submitted.

  • Fix A guest user was unable to view the approval palette without authorization to view comments.

  • Fix The user was not notified when an asset was being processed.

  • Fix When viewing an asset’s details, its approval status did not update correctly.

  • Fix Rendering issues in Firefox and Internet Explorer were resolved.

  • Fix When getting a direct download link for an audio asset, the links were incorrect.

  • Fix Task lists displayed an incorrect time zone.

  • Fix Address book entries without a full name displayed as ().

  • Fix Incorrect icons displayed for .ppt and .pptx embedded files.

  • Fix Searching without any criteria displayed an “undefined” pill in the search filters.

  • Fix Large folders of assets did not load in certain situations.

  • Fix Some video assets were not being processed.

Acquia DAM - February 15, 2018

  • Change Performance and stability improvements in Acquia DAM, Brand Connect, and Workstream.

  • Change Workstream now displays in-app notifications.

  • Fix In some cases, the Asset Expiration API replied with an incorrect response.

  • Fix Simple approval requests created from the Asset Details Action bar failed to send.

  • Fix Downloaded .TIFF, .JPEG, or .EPS files using the CMYK color scheme, were incorrectly converted to the RGB color scheme.

  • Fix Previewing .PSD images using the aRGB colorspace failed.

  • Fix An issue displaying some videos in Internet Explorer 11 was fixed.

  • Fix FTP downloads of assets for a lightbox failed in some cases.

  • Fix Brand Connect: An issue toggling visibility of facets was resolved.

  • Fix When using large files with the Box integration, an issue transferring files was fixed.

  • Fix Redirects generated for lightboxes from a Brand Portal were not always correct.

Acquia DAM - February 8, 2018

  • Change Admins can now batch download metadata for assets.

  • Change Brand Connect now displays more metadata fields by default.

  • Change Contributors can download inactive assets in Workstream.

  • Change Animated GIFs now display correctly when embedded with the Embed Links feature.

  • Change Sharing assets through the Box integration has been improved.

  • Fix Authentication: Issues with Shutterstock Premier users.

  • Fix Issues with Downloads By Time report.

  • Fix When following a direct link, previously signed in users were required to sign in again.

  • Fix Brand Connect: Asset counts displayed in a lightbox did not reflect recent changes made in Acquia DAM.

  • Fix Brand Connect: Rendering in Internet Explorer was sluggish in Brand Connect and Workstream.

  • Fix Workstream: Rendering in Internet Explorer was sluggish.

Acquia DAM - January 25, 2018

  • Change Publish assets to your brand portal with a single click.

  • Change Publishing and unpublishing can be done anywhere within the folder hierarchy.

  • Change Improved visibility into the publication status of assets.

Acquia DAM Drupal 8.4 Connector 8.x-1.2 - January 10, 2018

  • Fix When searching for assets, both inactive assets and folders that contained assets that met the search criteria were displayed alongside active assets.

  • Fix Updates made to an asset in Acquia DAM were not synced to the Drupal instance.

  • Fix Making updates to the Connector configuration would fail unless a new password and secret key were entered.

  • Fix Cron updates did not always complete successfully.

  • Fix Attempting to use an asset other than an image failed with an error message.

  • Fix Configuring the Entity browser media type would fails and display an error message.

Acquia DAM - December 7, 2017

  • Change When using the bulk metadata tool, Acquia DAM now displays warnings regarding missing required fields.

  • Change Workstream: Workstream’s dialog boxes now use material design.

  • Change Workstream: The responsiveness of the new task page is improved.

  • Change Workstream: Error messages related to proofing account creation have been improved.

  • Change Workstream: On the Task Details page, Workstream no longer displays due information on the left of the page.

  • Change Workstream: Rendering is improved for Internet Explorer users.

  • Change Workstream: When adding approvers, Workstream sends a notification to the update API call.

  • Change Workstream: The performance of the Manage > Preferences page has been improved when using a large number of statuses.

  • Fix Metadata templates - Issues with multi-select values.

  • Fix Box integration - Data transfer issue.

  • Fix Watch feature.

  • Fix Lightbox.

  • Fix Email customization.

  • Fix Custom Downloads API.

  • Fix Compatibility issues with PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.6 were resolved.

  • Fix Brand Connect: When clicking on an invalid link in an email, the user is redirected to the brand guidelines section page.

  • Fix Brand Connect: The Cover image feature received fixes in this release due to discovered issues.

  • Fix Workstream: When using the Approval Details page, items in the upper left corner now function properly.

Acquia DAM - November 15, 2017

  • Change Rendering is improved for users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

  • Change When sharing a link to an asset as a signed out user, the asset path used is now shortener.

  • Fix The link for resetting passwords did not work for some visitors.

  • Fix Workstream: When using an approval preview, the correct versions of assets were not viewable.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error-free. If you encounter any errors, contact Acquia Support.