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Acquia DAM is a cloud-based digital asset management solution that works effortlessly with Acquia’s experience platform (including Acquia Cloud, Acquia Cloud Site Factory, and Acquia Lift) to provide content delivery workflows, organization, and governance of creative asset files for downstream use in digital experiences.

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Acquia DAM supports marketers and marketing creatives (both internal designers or external agencies) responsible for each stage in the lifecycle of marketing assets, simplifying the usage of those assets throughout the digital journey. Ultimately, Acquia DAM simplifies marketer’s content workflows, reduces content production costs, increases operational efficiencies, improves brand consistency and helps enforce rights management.

Available packages

Acquia DAM has two available tiers, with the following included features:

Feature Acquia DAM
Acquia DAM
Power users (users in Contributor and Admin roles) 10 25
End users (users in Brand Portal and Regular User roles) 250 5,000
Available storage 1TB 3TB
Metadata group permissions no yes
Available custom metadata fields 20 100
Publish scheduler no yes
Custom theming no yes
Download rules no yes
Registration rules no yes
Custom form fields no yes
Audit log reports no yes
Embeddable asset support no yes

You can upgrade your Acquia DAM subscription with additional users or storage space. For more information, contact your Acquia Account Manager.

Add-on components

The following add-on components are available as a separate purchase to extend your Acquia DAM subscription:

  • Brand Connect – Brand Connect coordinates your Acquia DAM content with your organization’s brand guidelines and distribution controls, which helps to ensure that your team follows your organization’s branding standards, regardless of how your assets are used.
  • Workstream – Workstream is a project management solution designed to enhance the creative workflow with a focus on assets, automating approval paths and making reviews and markups simple for all of your team members, regardless of their function. The Workstream add-on requires one or more Acquia DAM Workstream Power User entitlements.

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