Managing your supported file formats

You can upload, download, and distribute any file format on Acquia DAM Classic. However, admins can configure Acquia DAM Classic to accept or exclude only specific file formats from being uploaded.

Configure the supported file formats

  1. Sign in to Acquia DAM Classic.
  2. Click the settings icon Settings, and then click System Preferences.
  3. In the Supported File Extensions section, select from the following options, based on your requirements:
    • Allow certain file extensions
    • Prevent certain file extensions
  4. Click File extensions to allowlist or denylist certain file formats. The following values are the default for each:
    • allowlist defaults: 3d, abf, acfm, afm, ai, amfm, arw, avi, bdf, bmp, cha, chr, compositefont, cr2, crw, csv, dcr, dfont, dng, doc, docx, dotm, dotx, dst, dwg, dwx, emf, eot, eps, etx, euf, f3f, ffil, flv, fnt, fon, fot, gdr, gf, gif, gxf, htm, html, idml, iiq, ind, indd, jpeg, jpg, k25, kdc, key, lwfn, m2v, m4v, mcf, mef, mf, mos, mos, mov, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpg, mrw, mxf, mxf, nef, nftr, numbers, ogg, orf, otf, pages, pcf, pdf, pef, pfa, pfb, pfm, pfr, pk, png, potx, ppt, pptx, prproj, psb, psd, pub, pxn, qxd, qxp, raf, rar, raw, raw, raw, raw, rtf, sfd, sfp, sit, ``sitx, sketch, sr2, srf, stl, suit, svg, svgz, swf, targa, tfm, tga, tif, tiff, tsv, tsv, ttc, tte, ttf, txf, txt, vfb, vlw, vnf, wav, wdtx, wma, wmv, woff, wpd, xfn, xft, xls, xlsx, xltx, xml, ytf, zip
    • denylist defaults: application, aru, bat, chm, cla, class, cmd, com, cpl, cpl, dll, drv, ecc, exe, gadget, hta, hta, inf, ins, jar, js, jse, lnk, met, micro, msc, msh, msh1, msh1xml, msh2, msh2xml, mshxml, msi, msp, ocx, pif, ps1, ps1xml, ps2, ps2xml, psc1, psc2, reg, scf, scr, shs, sys, vb, vbe, vbs, vxd, ws, ws, wsc, wsf, wsh, xtbl
  5. Enter or remove the file extensions. Separate file extensions by commas (for example: jpg, png, psd) and don’t add capitalization or periods.
  6. If needed, you can click Reset to update the file extensions back to the default allowlisted and denylisted file extensions.
  7. Click Save. During the save process, Acquia DAM Classic will alphabetize the file format list.

File formats and settings

Acquia DAM Classic supports additional functionality for the following media file types.


Previews are supported with Multi-Media Module activated.

Image file types

File type Extension Preview Available* In-Document Searching
Bitmap Image .bmp yes no
Graphical Interchange Format File .gif yes no
Joint Photographic Experts Group File .jpg, .jpeg yes no
Portable Network Graphic File .png yes no
Tagged Image File Format .tif, .tiff yes no

Audio / video file types

File type Extension Preview Available* In-Document Searching
Audio Video Interleave .avi yes no
Flash Video .flv yes no
MPEG Audio .mp3 yes no
MPEG Movie .mpg, .mpeg yes no
MPEG-2 Video .m2v yes no
MPEG-4 Video .m4v, .mp4 yes no
QuickTime Movie .mov yes no
Targa Image File .tga, .targa yes no
WAVE Audio .wav yes no
Windows Media Audio .wma yes no
Windows Media Video .wmv yes no

Page layout file types

File type Extension Preview Available* In-Document Searching
Encapsulated PostScript File .eps yes no
Illustrator Vector Image .ai yes no
InDesign .ind, .indd yes no
Portable Document Format File .pdf yes yes (non-secured PDF only)
Photoshop Image .psd yes no

Miscellaneous file types

File type Extension Preview Available* In-Document Searching
Excel .xls, .xlsx no yes
PowerPoint .ppt, .pptx yes yes
Word .doc, .docx no yes
Comma-Separated Values .csv no yes
Tab-Separated Values .tsv no yes
Plain Text File .txt no yes
Hypertext Markup Language File .htm, .html no yes

Camera RAW file types

File type Extension Preview Available* In-Document Searching
Canon .cr2, .crw yes no
Contax .raw yes no
Fujifilm .raf yes no
Kodak .dcr, .k25, .kdc, .raw yes no
Konica Minolta .mrw yes no
Leaf .mos yes no
Leica .raw yes no
Logitech .pxn yes no
Mamiya .mos, .mef yes no
Nikon .nef yes no
Olympus .orf yes no
Panasonic .raw yes no
Pentax, Samsung .pef yes no
Phase One .iiq yes no
Sony .arw, .sr2, .srf yes no
Universal Camera RAW Image Format .dng yes no