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Acquia DAM Brand Connect

Your brand is your most valuable asset, but it’s also your most fragile due to its growing number of environments and people with a hand in both shaping and sharing it.

Acquia DAM Brand Connect is an add-on feature that extends the core Acquia DAM functionality to centralize approved content with adaptable brand guidelines and distribution controls. Doing this can help to ensure that your brand stays on strategy, regardless of where it goes and who works on it.

Obtaining Brand Connect

Brand Connect is an add-on to your Acquia DAM subscription, and includes an additional power user account, which is added to your subscription-based power user count. Both Brand Connect and the additional power user account are included with Acquia DAM Professional subscriptions. For more information about user permissions in Brand Connect, see Managing users and groups.

If you are an Acquia DAM Starter subscriber and you want to use Brand Connect, or if you’re already a Brand Connect subscriber and need additional power accounts, contact your Acquia Account Manager.

Getting started with Brand Connect

For information about accessing and using Brand Connect, see our getting started guide.