Uploading or editing assets

Admins and contributors with upload permission for a folder can upload assets.

After signing in to Acquia DAM Classic and clicking the folder you want to upload assets to, you can upload assets using the following methods:

  • Drag assets from your computer and drop them into Acquia DAM Classic, in the thumbnail view.
  • Click Upload on the actions toolbar and either drag and drop assets from your computer into the uploader or click Select files to upload to browse and select files on your computer to upload.
  • By using Box or Dropbox.

You can minimize the upload window to continue working in Acquia DAM Classic while assets are uploading.

Upload window

After the assets are uploaded, they may appear with an Asset processing thumbnail. While assets are processing, preview thumbnails are being generated and metadata is being indexed. This may take a few minutes.


Assets that are still processing are inactive. For more information about asset statuses, see Changing an asset’s status.

Additional asset edit options

  1. Sign in to Acquia DAM Classic and select the asset.
  2. Click the pencil icon Pencil on the actions toolbar or the asset thumbnail.
  3. Select the edit option:
    • You can also rename the asset by clicking the filename in the asset details panel. Click the check mark Check mark to save.
    • The duplicate asset will display in the folder with “Copy of” preceding the name. The duplicate asset will include the metadata of the original.
    • Admins and contributors with delete asset permission for a folder can delete assets. If an asset was accidentally deleted, contact Acquia support.
    • You can recreate the thumbnail of an asset that displays Asset processing for an extended period of time.
    • If you apply a watermark to a folder after assets have been uploaded, you must recreate the thumbnail in order for the watermark to display. This same process applies if you remove a watermark from a folder. (Read more about applying a watermark.)
    • Select the file from your computer that you would like to replace the asset with. Click Upload.
  • Rename - Renames an asset.
  • Duplicate - Duplicates an asset.
  • Delete - Deletes an asset.
  • Edit expiration - Allows users to set an expiration date for the asset.
  • Recreate thumbnail - Reprocesses the asset.
  • Replace asset file - Replaces the existing asset and does not keep a version history.
  • Upload new version - Allows the user to upload a new version and review version history.
  • Set as folder favorite - Allows users to set the folder favorite (the image that displays on the folder thumbnail). Only one asset can be set as the folder favorite at a time.
  • Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise - Rotates the asset thumbnail. After selecting this option, it can take a few minutes for the rotated asset to display in Acquia DAM Classic.
  • Activate and Deactivate - Updates the status of the asset.
  • Publish/Unpublish - Allows users to publish or unpublish assets to Brand Connect.
  • Edit Metadata - Allows users to edit the metadata for assets. (Read more about editing the metadata for assets.)