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Known issues in Acquia DAM

If you encounter any difficulties with your Acquia DAM subscription, contact Acquia Support for help.

Acquia DAM issues

The Hide facets initially option doesn’t work

The Hide facets initially option in Brand Portal doesn’t work as expected as the facets are hidden even if the option is not selected. For more information, see Searching in Brand Connect.


To view facets, users must click the facets drop-down.

Acquia DAM Connector for Drupal 8 issues

Syncing a large asset into Drupal may time out after 30 seconds

If you experience difficulty syncing large files from Acquia DAM into your Drupal 8 website, you can increase the HTTP timeout by editing the settings.php and then changing the following configuration option to a value greater than 30:

$settings['http_client_config']['timeout'] = 30;
// timeout in seconds

For information about making changes to settings.php values in Acquia Cloud Site Factory, see Altering values in settings.php with hooks.

Expired and deleted assets aren’t removed from Drupal

When you delete or set an asset to expire on a particular date, the asset will continue to persist in your Drupal website.

The Replace asset file option doesn’t sync file back to Drupal

The Acquia DAM Drupal module checks if a new version of the asset was uploaded before downloading the new asset to avoid unnecessary downloads. This causes the Replace asset file option not to sync the asset file back to Drupal as the version number remains unchanged. Acquia recommends using the Upload new version option instead.

Acquia DAM Drupal integration doesn’t support SSO

The Acquia DAM Drupal integration doesn’t support single sign-on (SSO) with Acquia DAM. Drupal content authors wanting to add assets from Acquia DAM to Drupal must have local Acquia DAM accounts.

Double-clicking folders causes a display error

When navigating the Acquia DAM media browser user interface in your Drupal administrative interface, single-click folders to view their contents. Double-clicking folders displays a system error.

Uploading large files can cause memory issues

Subscribers uploading large files (about 800 MB or greater) in Drupal with the Acquia DAM Drupal integration may receive out-of-memory errors for various reasons, such as:

  • The size of the subscription’s Acquia Cloud server instance
  • Amount of physical memory (RAM) available
  • Amount of file system space available

If you receive out-of-memory errors when copying large files from Acquia DAM to Drupal, contact your Account Manager about a server upsize.

Disk space issues when using both Acquia Content Hub and Acquia DAM

If you have image resources stored in Acquia DAM which are then served by Acquia Content Hub, frequent file revisions in Acquia DAM may cause excessive disk storage use.

The account used to create the Acquia DAM account must have admin permission

Acquia DAM requires an account with administrative permissions during setup. Acquia DAM assets are unavailable if this account is removed or loses its administrative permissions.