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Known issues in Acquia DAM

This page describes any known issues with Acquia DAM. For known issues with the Acquia DAM Connector for Drupal 8, see Known issues in Acquia DAM Connector for Drupal.

If you encounter any difficulties with your Acquia DAM subscription, contact Acquia support for help.

Deleted assets don’t sync from Acquia DAM to Drupal

If users delete assets in Acquia DAM, an asset sync won’t delete the asset copies in Drupal.

Workaround: Users can delete the assets manually in Drupal or configure a hidden field based on Active status.

Disk space issues when using both Acquia Content Hub and Acquia DAM

If you have image resources stored in Acquia DAM which are then served by Acquia Content Hub, frequent file revisions in Acquia DAM may cause excessive disk storage use.

The account used to create the Acquia DAM account must have administrative permissions

Acquia DAM requires an account with administrative permissions during setup. Acquia DAM assets are unavailable if this account is removed or loses its administrative permissions.