Docroot definition

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When you install Drupal, the directory containing Drupal’s core code files is referred to as its docroot, or document root. Not only does the docroot directory contain Drupal’s core code files, but it also includes all your websites’ files and directories.

When you encounter docroot in a documented directory path, substitute docroot with the actual application path for your environment. If there is an extended path, such as docroot/sites/all, append /sites/all to the actual path of docroot.

Docroot on Cloud Platform

If you host your website on Cloud Platform, the docroot is a directory called /var/www/html/sitename.env/docroot. The directory and its files are read-only, except for the files stored in the user-uploaded files path (such as /sites/default/files). You can only send files and changes to your website’s code files using a version control system (VCS), including Git.

For more information about files on Cloud Platform, including user-uploaded files, see the Understanding files Cloud Platform help page.