Sitename definition

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Each environment in a sitegroup on the Cloud Platform has a unique sitename. The sitename naming convention consists of the sitegroup and the abbreviated environment name.

For example, if the name of the sitegroup is acquia, and it has the three standard environments (development, stage, and production), the website can have three docroot directories. Those directories are respectively named acquiadev, acquiastg, and acquiaprod.

Naming requirements for permanent environments

Sitenames for permanent environments have the following naming requirements:

  • Total length can be no more than 16 characters

  • The environment part of the sitename can be no more than 10 characters

  • Must consist of alphanumeric characters; underscores, spaces, and special characters aren’t allowed

  • All alphanumeric characters must be lowercase

  • Must not begin with a number


Production environment sitenames generally don’t include the environment abbreviation prod. As a result, the production environment’s sitename is often the same as its sitegroup.

Naming requirements for on-demand environments

On-demand environments are named sequentially (example.ode1, example.ode2, example.ode3) based on the sitegroup name.