Upgrading Acquia Dev Desktop

Use the information on this page to help you upgrade your installed version of Acquia Dev Desktop. This includes instructions on upgrading your version 2 installation, upgrading from version 1 to version 2, or restoring a previous version if required.

Upgrading Acquia Dev Desktop 2

Starting Acquia Dev Desktop 2 causes it to check whether an updated version is available. Click Yes to download the new version.

Update available

You can check whether an updated version of Acquia Dev Desktop 2 is available and upgrade to the new version from within the application. In the menu, select Acquia Dev Desktop > Check for Update.

You do not have to upgrade your installed version of Acquia Dev Desktop 2 if a new version of Drupal is released. Each time you create a new website using Acquia Dev Desktop, you download and install the latest version of the Drupal distribution you choose. For more information, see Starting from scratch.

Upgrading from Acquia Dev Desktop version 1

If you have been using Acquia Dev Desktop 1 and want to upgrade to Acquia Dev Desktop 2:

  1. Install Acquia Dev Desktop 2, following the procedure described in Installing Acquia Dev Desktop. Be sure to install Acquia Dev Desktop 2 in a different directory from your existing Acquia Dev Desktop 1 installation directory.
  2. Start Acquia Dev Desktop 1 and export any websites you want to use with Acquia Dev Desktop 2. To do this, in the Acquia Dev Desktop 1 Control Panel, click Settings > Sites > Export.
  3. Import the websites that you exported from Acquia Dev Desktop 1, following the procedure described in Starting with an existing local site.

Restoring a previous installation

The upgrade process preserves all website databases and configuration data (including paths and ports numbers). Your previous installation is backed up in the C:\Users\[username]\.acquia\backup (Windows) or ~/.acquia/backup (Mac OS) directory. If you need to restore a previous version of Acquia Dev Desktop 2, copy the files from the backup directory over the files in your newest installation.


On macOS, the /.acquia directory is hidden. To locate the directory, complete the following steps:

  1. Open Finder.
  2. In the menu bar, select Go > Go to folder.
  3. Enter the path of the directory and click Go.

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